Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Right Attitude for Autism

Where are the fathers of autistic children with similar attitudes about their children being poisoned by government mandated vaccines? If there's hundreds of thousands of kids who were poisoned into autism, there should be just as many father's ready to hang the bastards who caused this horror to our kids. Where the fuck are they?

Fathers of autistic kids have a lot to learn from veterans like these.


Srinath said...

People who have kids with autism usually dont have any time to do do anythign else. To top it off there is a morass of repetetive paper work for school, for services, for doctors, insurance, getting time from work, and a million others that out communo-bureaucracy has bestowed upon us that there is barely any time to get involved in anything.
That is the ultimate way the murderers are going to run rough shod over the autistic kids.

Anonymous said...

You better find the time before Ari Ne'erman and Amanda Baggs and the rest of these con-artists become the twisted governmental display-case yardstick standard by which your children are judged and your kids' needs and services denied.

This Neurodiversity sham is going to grow and grow, especially as long as the people who could actually do something about it instead only deal exclusively with their very own day-to-day immediate needs in front of your faces and refuse to get involved.

Yes raising Autistic kids is hard, but what you sit idly by watching today is what your kids will really pay for tomorrow and for the rest of their lives.

Find the time.