Friday, May 22, 2009

Huffington Post Abuses Autistic People, Ari Ne'eman

The Huffington Post has decided to join Newsweek in presenting devious propaganda that is designed to prevent anyone from helping severely disabled people with autism from being cured.

People with severe autism have historically, never been able to progress past a mental age of one or two. Autistic children are born normal, have their brains damaged by mercury in vaccines and regress into a vegetative state. Until about eight years ago when Dr Amy Holmes and PhD Andrew Cutler designed a treatment to cure autism, these people were left to rot in their brain damaged condition because nobody knew how to help them. Custodial care was, ane remains the standard treatment for autism.

Huffington Post has enabled Ne'eman to present propaganda that calls for this standard to persist when he makes this disingenuous statement:

"Just last week, Disability Rights Wisconsin, the state's protection and advocacy system for people with disabilities, filed suit against the University of Wisconsin hospital as a result of their decision to withhold medication and basic nourishment from two patients with intellectual disabilities who had pneumonia. These individuals were not in a persistent vegetative state, were not dying and one even asked for food. The decision to refuse anti-biotics, nutrition and fluids for a treatable medical condition was made by hospital officials based on their determination of "quality of life" for the individuals in question. Health care reform must include non-discrimination protections that prevent these types of atrocities by health care providers." (bold mine)

We see here that Ne'eman criticizes U of W for refusing treatment but, at the same time, Ne'eman advocates for refusing treatment to autistic people when he makes this dishonest statement:

"Furthermore, though we are wide and varied, including both people with acquired disabilities, such as many of our brave men and women in uniform coming home from overseas, and others who were born with their disabilities, such as myself and the rest of the Autistic community, we can unite around our common dream for full participation, inclusion, integration and equality of opportunity for all. The disability message is a civil rights message. It is time for Congress and the President to hear our voices: Nothing About Us, Without Us!"

By claiming that "the rest of the autistic community" was born with their disabilities, Ne'eman lies to the reader to imply that autism is genetic, an implication that has never been proven. This lie encourages the conclusion that a genetic condition can not be cured while Ne'eman leads the reader to think that an autistic person in a vegetative state is capable of participating in anything or can be included and integrated in society by merely raising awareness and asking society to accept them.

A further lie here is that Ne'eman does not tell the reader that autistic people exist in the vegetative state. Instead he lies to include himself as an autistic person when his condition is diagnosed as Asperger's. As we can clearly see from his sophisticated wordsmithing around the truth, Ne'eman has nothing in common with anyone who exists in the vegetative state that defines autism. Ne'eman adds his standard closing remark of "Nothing About Us, Without Us!" to embellish his lie by falsely including himself as an autistic vegetable which he most certainly is not. Again, Ne'eman never tells the reader the truth about how low functioning, if functioning at all, autistic people are.

This is some very deceptive and well written propaganda that eludes detection by many intelligent people who are not painfully aware of the truth about the differing functioning levels within the autism spectrum. Ne'eman could never convince a parent of an autistic child that he shares the same condition as our kids. The Huffington Post needs to be aware that this misrepresentation of autism by Ne'eman is thoroughly intentional.

Ne'eeman's claim that he is autistic and does not need or desire a cure but, only wants society to understand his alleged differences and need for acceptance, denies the existence of our vegetative children and denies them the medical treatment they need to recover from being poisoned into autism by vaccines, a fact that Ne'eman lies about with his claim that autism is genetic.

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