Saturday, May 23, 2009

Money Needed to Cure Autism

Here is the story of Matthew Faiella and how he is being cured of autism with stem cells. The treatment is not available in the USA and his parents have to bring him to Costa Rica to receive it. They also have to pay for it themselves since Barack Obama doesn't give a damn about autistic children and won't do anything to help them recover from being poisoned into autism by vaccines.

Please join me in asking Obama to help autistic children. Contact him here.

Autism Speaks has spent $128 million on research but has not spent anything on actually curing autism. If you agree that they should spend some of that money on actually helping children access treatments like stem cells, you can contact them here and ask that they start doing something useful with their money instead of throwing it down a black hole for research that has not yet helped any children. As we see above, treatments that work have already been found.

If you're reading this and were considering donating any money to Autism Speaks, please consider sending it to help Matthew Faiella instead, where you can be sure your donation won't be wasted.

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