Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Judge Rottenberg, Money Grubbing Scumbags


Here's the link to the Prime Time story about Judge Rottenberg. It looks like they achieve good results.

Had it not been for chelation and supplements solving the problem, I'd have put my son in there in a heartbeat. Dealing with an autistic child is not about acceptance, it's about basic survival. No doctor will help these children. When I went to the emergency ward about my son's self abuse, the doctors there refused to even examine him. They told me they would not treat autism. If I had not stumbled upon Andy Cutler, my son would probably have been sent to Judge Rottenberg.

I think Matthew Israel is providing a good service for these severely autistic children. However, he's only doing a half-assed job. Sure, this guy stops the harmful behaviors but he's making the mistake of treating symptoms. Israel found something that helps. That's better than what every other scumbag doctor will do for desperate parents. They just shrug their shouldres and say there's nothing they can do. Sure, a few of them will drug your kid into oblivion with Seroquel like the other institutions use. But, most just send you back home, presumably to let the kid kill himself by smashing his head into concrete walls. Dead autistic kids can't testify against the doctors who poisoned them while cured ones can. So, they refuse to help at all. I'd bet they've been advised about this by their lawyers.

I commented on the JRC blog last summer but got no response. One would think, with the heat this place has come under that Israel would be open to suggestions that might achieve the same results without using electric shock. Maybe Israel doesn't want to lose all of his patients by letting parents know that some good old vitamin C can stop the head banging quicker and much cheaper than using shocks. I guess he wouldn't want to use chelation on his patients since parents can do that on their own and wouldn't need to institutionalize their kids to fatten his wallet. Who would Israel use his shocks on if everyone knew that chelation can cure autism? Would he go out of business?

It was probably a good business decision for Israel to go on TV and plug his treatments. The networks won't tell parents that mercury caused the autism so most of them still don't know that. Desperate and uneducated parents trust what they see on TV and I'll bet Israel is bombarded with requests from these people. His admissions will probably increase. The parents will be happy that their kids stop harming themselves. I'd have been happy to make that happen at absolutely any cost when my kid was bashing holes in the wall. A few shocks are better than a cracked skull any day.

Chances are that Dr Israel won't see this blog. Just in case he does, I'll take the opportunity to let him know that he is a money grubbing, child abusing piece of shit. He knows that his colleagues poisoned these kids with thimerosal. He also knows that chelation can cure many of these kids. Just in case he hasn't heard, vitamin C can stop the head banging you ignorant bastard. Why don't you try that before you shock any more children?


Anonymous said...

Or how about The New England Center For Children in Massachusetts. Mention the words "chelation" or "special diet" and they threaten to kick your kid out from what I hear. If you believe in biomedical AT ALL, stay away from this place since parents say that they wouldn't accept any child who is doing any biomedical anyway. Goes to show the complete ignorance in this industry and that the children's physical well being seem to be the least of their concern at some of these centers. It's all about egos.

Ange said...

This 'punishment' absolutely makes me want to vomit. I fail to understand the benefit of children being hooked up to electrical devices and becoming prisoners in their own bodies. And since when is outside-inflicted pain better than self-inflicted pain? So the kids aren't hitting themselves but they're being painfully shocked all over their bodies? The dehumanizing aspect of this treatment or punishment or whatever you want to call it is unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

It's all about egos.

And for those who want a cure it's NOT about egos? Hello!! All those ones want is a perfect child! Sorry EGOMANIACS! There ain't no such thing!

Fore Sam said...

Anonymous Bonehead,
It ain't about perfect kids you ignorant bag of swill. It's about helping kids who were poisoned by their moronic pediatricians. Now go get yourself a brain transplant and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Hey John,

Here's your buddy Amanda. Dr. Gupta's a turd. What the hell are they wasting CNN viewer's time with people like her who only pretend to be autistic.

More on CNN TV: Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta's visit with Amanda Baggs and
learn more about adult autism on "Anderson Cooper 360," Wednesday,
10 p.m. ET.

Living with autism in a world made for others

By A. Chris Gajilan

(CNN) -- When I walk into her apartment, Amanda Baggs makes no eye
contact. She doesn't come to the door or raise her hand to greet
visitors. In fact, I'm having a hard time discerning whether she
even knows I'm there. I say hello and introduce myself, but she
remains silent, sitting at her desk, staring out the window, rocking
slightly back and forth.

Amanda Baggs is a 26-year-old autistic woman. I've been
corresponding with her for weeks via e-mail. I've read her Web site,
and from her I've learned a great deal about living with autism.

A video javascript:cnnVideo
007/03/07'); she posted recentlyon the Internet describes how she
experiences the world. "My language is not about designing words or
even visual symbols for people to interpret," she says in the
video. "It is about being in a constant conversation with every
aspect of my environment."

Admittedly, it's hard to recognize her in real life, after meeting
her online persona first. (Read Dr. Sanjay Gupta's thoughts after
meeting Amanda Baggs. )

I awkwardly carry on a one-sided conversation, until she grunts. My
attention shifts to her computer slowly booting up. She clicks on a
program. A keyboard diagram fills the screen. She begins to type at
a staccato pace. We begin a conversation. I talk. She types.

This is the Amanda I've come to know over the past few weeks. She's
highly intelligent, well read and has a great sense of humor. She
never makes eye contact, but there is no doubt she is interacting
with me.

Amanda is part of a new generation of autistic adults. The Autism
Society of America estimates that 600,000 adults are living with
autism in the United States. That number will most likely skyrocket,
given the CDC's recognition of an increase in the numbers of
children with autism. The newest numbers suggest that one in every
150 children has autism.

"The field as a whole has really neglected adults with autism," says
Dr. Eric Hollander, psychiatrist and head of the Seaver and New York
Autism Center of Excellence.

Autistic adults live normal life spans and may require long-term
medication, therapy and residential placement. Hollander says the
average cost of caring for an individual with autism over a lifetime
can be several million dollars.

Autism treatment and research are undeniably centered on children.
The goals are early diagnosis and intervention. They're aimed at
reducing disruptive behaviors and eventually mainstreaming autistic
kids into school and society.

At its core, autism is a developmental disorder of communication.
There is no cure. No one knows the precise causes, but recent
science points towards a genetic component with a possible
environmental trigger.

Amanda Baggs has severe autism. She didn't cry when she was born.
She had to be taught how to nurse. As a little girl, she rocked her
head back and forth but could speak. As she grew, she would go
longer and longer without speaking, until her spoken language
disappeared altogether.

She slowly learned how to type. Now, she relies on her computer or a
voice synthesizer linked to a keyboard to interact with people.
According to Hollander, "You might think that these individuals are
mentally retarded or have no verbal skills, but in fact, they're not
mentally retarded. They really understand what is going on and if
they utilize a communication device, they can really communicate
what they are thinking and feeling."

For Amanda, it takes a great deal of energy to think in words. It is
not her natural state of mind. "It's like being bilingual," she
types. "A lot of the way I naturally communicate is just through
direct response to what is around me in a very physical sort of way.
It's dealing with patterns and colors rather than with symbolic

The Internet has allowed Amanda to communicate to the whole world.
While standard body language and facial expressions are lost on many
with autism, she says many non-verbal autistics have the ability to
communicate with one another through autistic body cues.

Thirty or 40 years ago, life would have been different and much
harder for Amanda, says Morton Ann Gernsbacher, a cognitive
psychologist who specializes in autism at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison. "The Internet is providing for individuals with
autism, what sign language did for the deaf," she says. "It allows
them to interact with the world and other like-minded individuals on
their own terms."

These days, Amanda Baggs lives on her own terms. With the help of an
agency, she moved from California to Vermont about a year and a half
ago to be closer to a friend.

And what does Amanda think is the hardest thing about being
autistic? "Having to navigate a world that is, on all levels, is
built for the abilities and deficits of people who are not built
remotely like me."

A. Chris Gajilan is a senior producer with CNN Medical News

Fore Sam said...

"She told me that looking into someone's eyes felt threatening," from her interview with Gupta.
I'll bet it feels threatening when your faking being autistic.

Anonymous said...

who is her "friend"? and if she is so severe-and is oblivious-she would not know anything about frienship. If she made a friend-she is not being up front about her severity. people that severe don't care the least about "friends", let alone move across the country to be with them.

Fore Sam said...

Right, her fraud will have to end soon. Too many people know she's a fake now.
This also makes Seidel guilty of fraud by association. Of course, all sane people already knew that everything about Neurodiversity was a fraud to begin with.

Anonymous said...

She's referring to Laura Tisonik.

Anonymous said...

so does anyone know the story about Laura? I do not-but would love to.

Anonymous said...

I just read some of your blog. I assure you, I won't do it again, but I will say this: you need help.

Fore Sam said...

You tell me I need help but you're too cowardly to give your name. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

It ain't about perfect kids you ignorant bag of swill. It's about helping kids who were poisoned by their moronic pediatricians. Now go get yourself a brain transplant and shut up.

You need one more than I do, cockhead! It IS about perfect kids, so why don't you just fucking admit it?