Sunday, June 05, 2011

Shout Down Ari Ne'eman, 08/05/11

On August 5, 2011, Syracuse University is hosting a symposium on Neurodiversity to teach sadists how to abuse autistic people. Syracuse is using Ari Ne'eman to present his deranged rhetoric to con sane people into making life worse for brain damaged people with autism.

Sane parents of autistic people should attend this free symposium and bring air horns, drums, trombones or whatever you can get your hands on to make as much noise as possible. Sane adults who oppose torturing people with brain damage should make so much noise that nobody hears anything said by the sadistic Ne'eman.

Ari Ne'eman's goal in life is to prevent anyone from curing severely autistic children. Ne'eman calls himself "autistic" to try to fool the public into believing actual autistic people don't even exist. On the surface, it seems that the only thing truly wrong with Ne'eman is that he's queer and obese. He is NOT autistic. Don't let this fat, lying bastard distort the truth about how horrible autism is for our children.

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