Friday, April 01, 2011

Paula Durbin Westby Admits She's A Liar, Ari Ne'eman's Agent

Here's the email notification from Facebook that I never saw on Paula's facebook page. By the time I had a chance to follow the link there, Paula had deleted the whole thread.
Paula C. Durbin-Westby commented on Autism Acceptance Day's Wall post.
Paula C. wrote: "I tend to favor free speech. However, this site is specifically a place for AUTISM ACCEPTANCE. Autism acceptance includes ALL people on the autism spectrum and with other developmental and intellectual disabilities. If any insults begin to fly, the thread will be removed. Respectful language is expected of all participants. Happy Autism Acceptance Day!"

So, we see that Paula does not actually favor free speech unless that speech agrees with her dishonest agenda as one of Ari Ne'eman's chief propaganda agents from the ASAN.

I added another post that went something like this: "I have one son with autism and another with Asperger's. Not in a million years would I insult my second son by referring to him as autistic." That's all I said, no insults, a simple statement of fact that alluded to the enormous difference between autism and Asperger's.

Dishonest Paula promptly deleted my post. So, I tossed her words above back at her and noted that her deletions reflected poorly on her character. You guessed it, deleted, and...I was at that point banned from the group.

What's going on with this autism "acceptance" crapola is that liars like Paula Durbin Westby, an obese slug who claims to have Asperger's Syndrome, are calling themselves "Autistic" to misrepresent the true horror of low-functioning autism. When anyone who is curing an actual autistic person confronts these liars and asks why they refuse to refer to themselves as people with Asperger's, they know their scam is up so they have to delete your comments and hide from you. Then they can go about their business of testifying to the IACC to campaign against curing autism.

This scam is now a vast network of extremely stupid mothers who believe this nonsense as well as the government psychological warfare agents who brainwash the idiotic mothers. When I first started blogging about these liars five years ago, there were about fifty of them who misrepresented the facts about autism. Now, this group that I was just thrown out of has over 1,100 morons who have been conned by liars like Paula and Ari Ne'eman. These stupid mothers think it's good to allow their autistic kids to wallow in the abyss of autism because Paula Durbin-Fatass and other liars have convinced them of this bullshit. The mothers don't even know that they are abusing their autistic children by neglecting to give them medical treatments that cure this nightmare.

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