Sunday, November 20, 2011

Aware Voters Are Being Conned by Ron Paul

99% of American voters are so brainwashed that they will always choose between the corrupt liars who are shown to them on TV as their next potential President. Ron Paul is one of these liars.

Ron Paul has been designed to appeal to those who are intelligent enough to question our corrupt government. Paul talks in terms that appeal to these intelligent voters but he never comes close to telling the whole truth or proposing true solutions to anything.

Paul talks about ending the Federal Reserve which is merely a rallying cry but does nothing to solve the problem. The solution is to seize the Fed, to take the profit out of the hands of the bankers who own it and return to making loans to Americans at zero interest, per the Constitution. If the Fed was "ended", something would have to replace it. Paul doesn't tell us what that might be. Paul also never mentions the name "Rothschild", the trillionaire bankers who own the Fed and will be happy to replace it with their International Monetary Fund (IMF) with which they would like to issue one currency that would be used worldwide. This would ensure them profit on their loans from every person on the planet. Is that what Dr Paul wants? Since he maintains that we have to pay our illegal debt to the Rothschild family, it seems that this is high probability of what Paul won't say.

As with Paul's sneaky rhetoric about the Fed, the video above discusses Paul's wonderful sidestepping of the truth about vaccines. Paul talks of concepts that have been embraced by propaganda experts who also deny the truth about vaccines but which are believed by the majority of people who have watched their children become brain-damaged from vaccines. I've been exposing this propaganda for years but hardly anyone will read my words. I can write it but I can't understand it for the victims, and I can't implant it in their brains if they won't read it.

Dr Paul does not support banning Asian imports and bringing our jobs back here. All of our unemployment problems were created through NAFTA so corporations could increase profits by using cheap labor. Paul acts as though he can't understand how we can break these monopolies who increase their profits at our expense so we can benefit the greater good. You never hear this problem mentioned in the debates. They all have solutions relating to monetary and tax policies, pure crapola which only supports the status quo according to Rothschild and Rockefeller. Of course, the debates are all an act which is designed to focus on the wrong problem so the masses are never told what the true problem is. The vast majority aren't smart enough to think it through for themselves so they also dwell on these bogus concerns. The truth of the matter is that we can crash the stock market and break all the banks and everyone except the ultra rich will be far better off. All it takes is returning to our Constitution and issuing our owwn money. The details are as simple as printing whatever cash we need to replace Rothschild's Federal Reserve Notes. If you don't understand why that's true, ask questions.

The only way to elect a President who will serve The People is to vote for someone who will tell the truth, the truth that will never be allowed on Rothschild's TV networks. We can throw the ultra rich out of our lives and end our servitude to them. Please stop wasting your votes on Democrats and Republicans.

Write-in John Best for President. Whether you vote as a Democrat or a Republican doesn't matter. Voting for anyone you see on TV is a vote against yourself.

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Socrates said...

For some reason these days, although you're saying the same things, you're not sounding quite so crazy.

If you just substituted "Bankers" for "Rothchild", you'd be 99% there.

You've all been screwed by the banks and now the poor are going to pay the price.

While no one was looking, the world went even madder than it did in the 70's.