Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Case Study in Autism Propaganda

Kathleen Seidel has provided a wonderful example here of how Neurodiversity and the Pharma funded Quackbusters use tiny grains of truth to misrepresent the whole truth about mercury and autism.

Seidel starts out by referring to labs that do testing for chelation challengs tests as "mail-order laboratories" as though they were on the same level as mail order brides simply because specimens and results are delivered by mail because the average lab doesn't know how to run these tests.

Next Seidel starts in with her blatant lies by referring to mercury as the cause of autism as a scientifically unproven hypothesis. The proof started showing up in 1999 and liars like Seidel have been trying to hide it ever since. Every child who has already been cured by removing the mercury from their brains is, of course, the best proof.

For the third lie in her first paragraph, Seidel tells us that chelation challenge tests create artificially elevated levels of mercury which provoke parents to treat their kids with costly and stressful treatments. Very funny! You have to ask yourself here if it would be possible to induce a result that showed a high mercury level if there were no mercury in a child's system. Seidel also shows her ignorance here by missing the chance to bash DAN doctors since it is well known that chelation challenge tests run the risk of redistributing mercury from the organs to the brain.

Then we have the fourth lie in her opening paragraph, the one that isn't written. The overall gist here is that checking for the presence of mercury is a bad thing that provokes parents to use treatments that Seidel thinks are useless. To prove that these treatments are no good, Seidel would have to show that no autistic child's condition has improved by using them. Since there are children who have recovered from autism all over the place now, we can clearly see that Seidel's failure to mention this makes her nothing but a liar.

The rest of Seidel's propaganda here is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. She attempts to discredit treatments that cure autism by showing us court proceedings that have nothing at all to do with curing autism. You see, what happens in courts is merely an attempt by criminals to use the law to their advantage by presenting evidence in such a way that their guilt can not be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. So, those of us who have watched chelation cure our children and know the truth sit back and watch the court proceedings to see which side has the best lawyers.

The majority of us with poisoned children have been excluded from being compensated by the criminals who poisoned our kids by the statute of limitations that the criminals bought from the politicians. So, while we go about the business of removing the poison from our kids, we are disinterested bystanders in the crap that is going on in vaccine court. Meanwhile, here we have Kathleen Seidel writing her idiotic propaganda to try to convince the world that legal proceedings should be considered in the same fashion as medical facts.

The only fact about autism worth knowing is that we could not cure autism by removing mercury from children's brains if there was no mercury in their brains to begin with. And, we are curing autism.


Anonymous said...

The only fact about autism worth knowing is that we could not cure autism by removing mercury from children's brains if there was no mercury in their brains to begin with. And, we are curing autism.

No, you're (allegedly) removing mercury.

Then they will magically transform into 'normal' and the world will instantly make sense to them as though they have always known it.

John Best said...

It sounds to me like you have mercury induced brain damage to make such a stupid remark.

Once autistic kids gain the ability to learn, they have to learn like everyone else. That takes time. While it probably took you many years to learn how to read, write and type the stupid remarks that you make, you might never learn how to think unless you can reverse your brain damage.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

It sounds to me like you have mercury induced brain damage to make such a stupid remark.

And you?

Anonymous said...

Next Seidel starts in with her blatant lies by referring to mercury as the cause of autism as a scientifically unproven hypothesis.

If the link's proven, why haven't they stopped studying it?

John Best said...

People keep talking about studies because the liars in Pharama think bogus studies can scam the public into believing a neurotoxin doesn't cause any neurological damage. Cured kids prove that no more studies are needed, only truth.

Anonymous said...

Kids are getting better whether people like this Seidel or Strully want to admit it or not.

From the Sudbury Town Crier, MA
Once Autistic, Parents Believe Son Is Now Cured
Tue Jun 10, 2008, 05:58 PM EDT

During most of his early childhood, Zack Barsamian sat quietly under a table lining up his toys - he didn’t understand how to properly play with them. Often his hands covered his ears. The Sudbury native, alone in his world, didn’t like noise and he didn’t show typical child-like expressions of joy or happiness.

When Zack was 3 years old, doctors diagnosed his condition as “mid-functioning” autism. He also suffered from liver dysfunction and had difficulty digesting food.

Five years later and after his parents spent more than $400,000 out of pocket for Zack’s treatment, the boy smiles, relates and enjoys other children in his second grade class at Peter Noyes School in Sudbury. He plays on a Sudbury soccer team. He even has a best friend.

“This is everything we ever wanted for our son,” said his mother, Jennifer McInerney-Barsamian. “He is almost completely recovered. He no longer needs assistance in school and is not on an education plan.”

The $400,000 paid for conventional autism treatment including speech, occupational and behavioral therapists, and neurologists as well as testing and unconventional treatment to remove heavy metals from Zack’s body, expenses to travel to New York, North Carolina, Texas and Mexico to see specialists and the cost to build an in-home clinic.

Last week the Barsamians, along with 8,500 other parents of children with autism, participated in the Green Our Vaccines Rally, in Washington, D.C., with celebrities Jenny McCarthy and comedian/actor Jim Carrey spearheading the cause.

The participants hoped to raise awareness and push for elimination of toxins in vaccines, and to change children’s vaccination schedules. Some people believe the mercury-based preservative thimerosal found in vaccines is the main cause of autism. But the Institute of Medicine concluded that there is no link between vaccines and autism after examining the results of 19 major studies.

Jennifer found the rally validating. “I got the satisfaction of being there with all different parents - most of them are treating their children for a vaccine injury and seeing the improvements,” she said. “It makes you realize, we’re not crazy. Thousands of people and their kids are getting better.”

McCarthy’s son, Evan, diagnosed with autism, has seen improvements with treatment, said Barsamian, who stresses “the cure” is not a quick fix.

“The kids getting better started treatment four or five years ago,” she said. “And it does not work for every child.”

Jennifer and her software-consultant husband, Paul, tried a variety of treatments on Zack.

“We had heard that there may be a link between autism and the childhood vaccines so we decided to take a medical route and try to reverse any vaccine damage Zack may have sustained,” she said.

They began with IVs for nutrition and chelation to remove heavy metals from the blood.

“We continued to have Zack tested for the metals (he had high levels in his blood and urine) and as the metals came out of his body he started to smile, relate, enjoy other kids and many other good things,” his mother said in an e-mail.

“But the frustration was unbelievable,” said Jennifer. “To see him get better and then take a dive - and try and figure out what was wrong … We were constantly doing blood tests to see what he needed. Each time he got worse, it was not as worse as the last time. Then Zack got better.”

In a recent interview on “CBS The Early Show,” Zack’s physician, Dr. Kenneth Bock, suggested that environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies trigger the conditions in children who are genetically predisposed to them, and intervention can be effective in treating those youngsters, intervention involving “detoxifying” them and changing their diets, among other things.

The detoxifying treatment removes toxins in the body caused by internal factors such as diet and external factors such vaccines, the air we breathe, or the water we drink, said Jennifer.

Zack’s treatment also included oxygen therapy, which increases oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Twice a year Zack and his family travel to North Carolina where Zack receives treatment in a chamber for 100 percent pure oxygen.

“Zack doesn’t like to go, because he misses school and his friends while he’s away,” said Jennifer. “But after a few days of treatment, he gets more color in his face and says he feels better.”

To supplement that treatment, at home Zack receives one to two hours of daily supplemental oxygen therapy in a special chamber his parents built in their basement. “He doesn’t mind,” said his mother. “He goes in and reads a book or plays with his Legos. Some times he falls asleep and we carry him to bed.”

But the cost the Barsamians pay for treatment is high - between $3,000 and $7,000 each month because it is not covered by insurance. “We are tapped,” said Jennifer. “We have spent the college fund, the 401k, taken home equity loans and maxed our credit cards. We are as deep in debt as you can probably get, but our child is better.”

“Unfortunately, many, many of our friends who have autistic children have not been able to afford the medical treatments,” she said. “Though these parents see their children improving, they are often not able to do as much chelation, (hyperbaric) oxygen therapy, nutrition and medical tests necessary to accompany these treatments because of the expense. This is heartbreaking…all children deserve the chance to recover. It is possible. … Our son Zack is proof.”

More and more kids are recovering from autism, according Wendy Fournier, president of National Autism Association, a parent-run advocacy organization located in Missouri.

“Doctors are realizing it’s medically based. If you treat them medically - treat them with what’s going on in the body, they get better,” she said. “The problem is the medical community looks at them like they have some incurable mental illness. Autism is thought of as a mysterious mental illness.”

But Vincent Strully Jr., chief executive officer and founder of The New England Center for Children in Southborough, said he has not seen any credible evidence that there is a cure for autism.

“To my knowledge, I don’t know of any qualified medical or psychological professional who said there is a cure,” said Strully. “It’s widely accepted there is no cure. While anything is possible, you have to see real evidence in public journals.”

The evidence Dr. Strully is looking for is right in front of his eyes…. OUR KIDS ARE GETTING BETTER! The good news is, I don’t need Dr. Strully or any other doctor to wait until studies come out in “public journals” to treat my child. I have a QUALIFIED MEDICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL PROFESSIONAL who says there is a cure, she’s our DAN! doc and she’s right…. OUR SON IS GETTING BETTER! If your child has been diagnosed with a spectrum disorder, please seek help immediately for his/her medical problems (and there will be many). You will see that as you treat the medical problems… YOUR CHILD WILL GET BETTER! Please visit: & for help!

Anonymous said...

There is people constantly beliving her crap and not chelating. There was this post from Jen78fl on autismweb about her 4.5 year old not speaking etc etc, and not chelating cos he tested not too high on metals. Bloody hell, has she never heard of the non excretors, or has she been blind sided by the mangy witches (seidel, diva, leitch etc etc) ... sad, very sad. She did biomed, just not chelation.
I cant help but think, my son excreted so little in the tests etc we did, but he improved a lot as we did lupron on him. We are yet to seriously chelate too. I fear that it will be the end of his services if we do a good few rounds of chelation. At 3.5 he was wordless and a near retard. now he is a frustrated communicator, who has thoughts but not all the words needed to ask and express. However the words he does know are spoken often and with a lot of gusto.
JB, shoot the mangy witches wherever they live. Maybe call a conference with all of them as keynote speakers and pass the location on to Osama Bin Laden saying they are talking about surviving 9/11.

John Best said...

Good idea. Do you think Bush will give us Osama's cell phone number?

dgdavis said...

Excellent article John! Isn't it ironic how these sicko's call us crazy for believing that the government has lied to us, yet they're crazy enough to think independent labs tamper with patients results? Talk about crazy conspiracy theories! What a bunch of nutcases these thimerosal thumpers are. All they do is repeat the same old lies that are still lies. Just like the one about when the pharmas began to "phase out" and remove (reduce) thimerosal.
Most will say it started in 2002, but if you read this FDA link:

From the 4th paragraph in the section under Recent and Future FDA Action:


"Much progress has been made to date in removing or reducing thimerosal in vaccines. New pediatric formulations of hepatitis B vaccines have been licensed by the FDA, Recombivax-HB (Merck, thimerosal free) in August 1999 and Engerix-B (Glaxo SmithKline, thimerosal free) in January 2007."

This means that newborns were still getting thimerosal containing HepB vaccines at birth in January of 2007 and are still more than likely using up the stockpiles of existing inventory!!! So it's more than likely a newborn baby born today can receive a GSK Engerix-B Hep B vaccine with the old amounts of thimerosal!!

What about this don't you thimerosal thumpers understand??? There was NO recall on vaccines containing the old amounts of thimerosal!! No wonder autism rates haven't declined!! This is what we've been saying all this time and it's right here on the FDA website!! My kids were poisoned in 2002 with a 4 year old HepB vaccine that was made in 1998!! Just think, these old GSK Hep B vaccines could be around at least until 2011 or later depending on when they expire!!!

You assholes out there who talk about Kirby "changing the goalposts" of whatever bullshit you come up with, you can clearly read this for yourself and then ask "who has changed their own "goalposts?" You also changed it after the Hannah Poling HHS concession and the comments from Dr Bernadine Healy. You guys are more pitiful and pathetic than ever! You will never be able to hide from the truth so stop lying to everyone and yourselves. It's very telling that you're all googling up a frenzy and falling all over yourselves clamoring to "get the secret ingredients" of Haley's OSR. When you're all too stupid to know what they are anyway! I can say for sure that there are no known neurotoxins in it, so calm down. I know how you all hate to see sick people get better.

John, I'm not sure if you read this thread on AS in the Autism Science section under Boyd Haley anti-oxident:

You could start on page 5 but I gave the exact chemical composition of the OSR and that doesn't seem to be good enough for your fav ex-stripper. Most of the thread is her begging and demanding for someone to please share the "supplement facts" as they're listed on the label and how "by law she has a right to know what it says." Keep in mind now, that I've already given her that info. Her panties (or thong maybe?) are all in a twist because nothing comes up when she googles the chemical ingredients. Let's all cry her a river....Boo hoo.

I think they're going to be terrified of all the ASD kids who are able to chelate without nasty,terrible side effects. Instead of being happy that less ASD kids will possibly be subjected to IV chelation, they're chomping at the bit to examine and critcize a natural, harmless anti-oxident that took years for Dr Haley to formulate and patent.

Yet these same pharma shills will be responding to a comment somewhere lying about thimerosal being removed from vaccines back in 2002 when clearly, we all can see that's not true.

I saw where Jeanette pasted some of my comments from here. She's hasn't realized yet she's at the top of my "I don't care about you" list. I have to admit, she does make an excellent case for the genetic only causation theory. Poor thing. But that doesn't explain why her sons had adverse vaccine reactions. Hmm. That could just be a big coincidence. She never should've opened her trap about my kids on her blog. Then I never would've given her the time of day. Oh well, they say everything happens for a reason, right?...

It's day 6 with the OSR, so far no ugly side effects. Just more thirsty. Feeling great!

John Best said...

If they were still using HepB with mercury in 2007, plus the flu shot to mothers, you'd think all of the doctors who say it is all gone could be sued for malpractice. I wonder if SIDS has is increased due to this.
I saw that Andy Cutler said OSR would not work as well as ALA but that it would work. So, if it works without side effects, it's probably worth trying.
If we could give Margie the stripper an enema with OSR in it, we could get it directly to her brain and she might become smarter.

dgdavis said...

Hahaha! No John, I think her brain is fried from all her illegal recreational drug use. She's probably a meth ho or maybe crack.
Her opinion is that all illegal drugs should be made legal and I can't imagine someone who doesn't use these drugs themselves having this opinion, can you?

The fact that the FDA didn't "approve" and license the thimerosal free version of the GSK Hep B vaccine Engerix-B until January of 2007 would indicate that many parents are still being mislead or even lied to about thimerosal. I think drs are every bit as guilty in this situation as big pharma. They don't even bother to read the vaccine package inserts themselves and continue not to provide them to parents, just some typed up "handout" listing possible side effects. This is clearly not even close to "informed consent." So yes, I think drs should be held responsible for the babies they're injuring. Maybe then drs will stop looking the other way and put the children in front of their own greed. Drs are in bed with the pharmas just as our government agencies are. Looking out for number one and forget everyone else and nothing will change until they're held accountable. Maybe the attorney's general of each individual state can get together and file a civil lawsuit to recover some of the money each state has invested (not much I know..) in the education of these injured kids? Like they did with the tobacco industry? Just a thought, something has to be done since clearly, newborn babies are STILL getting old doses of thimerosal in the GSK Hep B vaccine!!! The lie regarding the reduction of thimerosal is nothing but smoke and mirrors and who knows when the last of these vaccines will REALLY be used up? where are all the "skeptics" and "consumer advocates" when we need them? The FDA website is not some obscure "conspiracy," the information about the Hep B GSK vaccine can be read right there by everyone! It wasn't until JANUARY of 2007 that the thimerosal free version of this vaccine was licensed!!! How do these people explain this? Silence. Louder than anything I've ever heard in my life!! Drs are continuing to push families off the autism cliff, only now other parents are finally noticing. :~)

Anonymous said...

I think they are all afraid the cures will work on our kids (who have tried various things from when the kids were very young) and fail on their kids cos they didn't try anything. And if autism numbers start dwindling, they will really stand out like a sore thumb, and the other people will point at them and say, huh, you never tried anything, even the well proven cures Huh ... and as the numbers go down, the govt will shut down the various support departments and leave the kids in the lurch. Anyway, OSR raises glutathione, and my son already has a lot due to lupron (he is almost normal for that) and I cannot imagine what OSR is going to do on him. BTW There is no upper limit for glutathione, only a lower limit as per the lab.
Diane - The kid is bubbly. No gettng around that, he will nicely bait me when I am not paying attention to him, and when I do start rough housing, he will act like he's trying to get away. He speaks 3 languages ... english, tamil and the language we made up. In that language he's a "bamoo". Which he will say to draw me into the roughhousing session. Tamil is hard to learn too. He's speaking at the 3yr level, and if that catches up to his age, and he loses his anxiety a little, he will lose his label. Its almost as if I dont want him to. I am not settling for anything less than college education and a true real life for him. Are you watching the gltuathione level of your kids Diane ? What was it, and where it it after OSR (I know only 1 week on OSR) but I am wondering how fast it works. Lupron took 14 month. We also struggled with dosing and what not for 5 months prior to that. But Dec 06 through Feb 08 we got the dose right and he made huge gains, literally getting potty trained overnight and learning to talk and so many more. We only chelated 2 months with dmsa and 1 month with DMPS.
Anything we stopped, never produced any regression. Maybe cos we never stopped lupron. Now he is on androcur+aldactone and depot shots every 2 weeks.
Anyway, please post your story or email me, and also send me crystal's site URL. is my email.