Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Nader, McCain and Obama Will Murder More Children

The people who made this video did so in the hope that it would save lives after their 4 year old son had been murdered by the vaccine industry and George Bush. We have been asking Nader, McCain and Obama to stop this horror but none of them show any evidence that they give a damn. We have known all along that Bush didn't care how many kids the vaccine industry murdered but some parents of autistic kids voted for him anyway and gave him the chance to kill more children. That's just what he did.

Since the poisoning of a generation of babies into autism by the vaccine industry is not being made an issue by any of the presidential candidates, we can be certain that more parents will see their autistic children die. Whoever becomes our next president won't give a damn. All that will matter to any of these guys is that the murdering vaccine industry will be able to increase profits.

These three candidates are just as guilty of murdering these children as the vaccine industry. They all know the truth. They all know that thimerosal causes autism and that autistic children are drowning all over the place. That's because they have no sense of danger. The candidates know that autism is curable too. They won't discuss that though because that would confirm that the vaccine industry caused the autism.

Some may suggest that I have taken liberties here by referring to a child drowning as murder. These candidates know that we can cure autism and that knowledge could have saved this child and every other autistic child who has died due to the autism. Yet, that knowledge is not shared by Bush or these three stooges. These guys could see to it that every parent of an autistic child learns how to cure autism. Refusing to disseminate that knowledge, and appropriate funding, means that they are allowing all of the horrors associated with autism to happen when they could prevent them. This is no different than if these guys were expert marksmen who refused to take a shot at a serial killer while he kept shooting innocent people.

Nader, McCain and Obama can all stop the autism epidemic the first day one of them takes office. Since none of them will make it an issue though, we can be sure they are all going to allow the poisoning and murder of babies to continue. So, which one of these murderers should we vote for?


Anonymous said...

Your son's not cured -- yet you're so convinced. How long does it "take"?

Foresam said...

My son's a lot better than he was. He needs more treatment that I can't afford and we do not have all the answers. The one answer we do have is that we can stop the proliferation of autism by banning thimerosal.

Second hand smoke never hurt anyone but we've banned smoking almost everyplace just because a bunch of do-gooders don't like the smell. Why can't we ban thimerosal?

Foresam said...

Somebody asked if I knew what "evidence" was and I deleted it by mistake. Showing me 78 year olds with autism at a rate of 1 in 150 would be evidence that I'm wrong. Perhaps the person who asked me that question can do that.

One kid cured of autism by chelation is evidence that I'm right. You can watch the Generation Rescue movie "Autism Yesterday" if you'd like to see that evidence.

Anonymous said...


there are plenty of 78 year olds with autism, they just give it a different name. They call it Alzheimers in the elderly. It is caused by the same toxic mix of aluminium, mercury and all the other garbage loaded into the flu and pneumonia vaccines they give these people in the name of keeping them healthy.

Alzheimers patients have the same genetic tendency as Autistic kids and Aspies to being unable to excrete these toxins. If they had got all the vaccines that are pushed on babies now at an early age when their brains were developing they would have got autism in infancy just like kids today do. Most of these elderly people were at least allowed a life free of autism because they did not have these vaccines until they were old.

Autism=Alzheimers. Stay away from vaccines!

Foresam said...

I agree, my son's grandmother and great grandmother on different sides of the family had Alzheimer's. There's your genetic component, an inability to excrete mercury and aluminum.

They acted about the same too, like they weren't even aware anyone was in the room with them.

Anonymous said...

THIS VIDEO BELONGS TO ME. I do not mind it being used because autism is my passion and YES I do know his autism came from his vaccines.Please in the future ASK me before you use my videos for this purpose. This makes it look like all the things you say are comming from me and I havent a clue who you are we have never spoken and all these things you say are your words please make that clear. If you would like to use my videos please send ME ALINK to the page your using them on.
Sandra AKA Kedans mom

Foresam said...

Sorry, I didn't know how to contact you. I read the first page of the video and it seemed clear that you wanted to impress the horror and dangers of autism on as many people as possible.

I think it is important to include the negligence of our politicians as sharing responsibility for your loss and the loss of our children's minds. They allowed this to happen to our kids.

Thank you for sharing your horror. I hope we can shame our leaders into ending this nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Its ok My video has been used by many also hispictures have been taken to add into others videos. I don't mind but would like a link. Anyone can send me a comment or an email through youtube and the video. I do thank you for sharing my story though. many people have learned by what has happened to my family and thats what I want. People to realize that this CAN happen to any one of you out there. Also that I do KNOW my sonsvaccines caused his autism. Im the end I blame the government for his death. BUt God will take care of them in the end. They know what theyare doing is wrong but dont care. As long as the green keeps rolling into them.
Sandra(Kedans mom)

Foresam said...

Lots of the people who try to tell us it wasn't vaccines also don't believe in God. They have a rude awakening coming, and well deserved.

jonsmum said...

Hi Sandra,

I know there is nothing I can say to ease the pain you must be feeling right now.

I just wanted to say, my heart goes out to you.

Thankyou for finding the strength, through your grief, to make this video and for allowing it to be shown here. It serves as a poignant and stark reminder of just how vulnerable our autistic children are.

I had never heard the name "Kedan" before, but I will always remember it now.
A beautiful name for such a strikingly beautiful little boy.

My deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

jonsmum thank you. I actually made his name up but ive heard it now since his passing.Im doing ok with Gods helps.Thanks for thinking of me. I am always welcoming to well wishes and prayers.

Anonymous said...


jonsmum said...


I found your sentiment on Kedan's headstone both moving and inspirational.

You are a remarkable woman.
Stay strong.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Susan !.

Say a prayer tonight tomorrow will be a hard day for us. Tomorrow July-22 is Kedans Birthday. I work 14 hours tomorrow so I wont be able to do a balloon release like I want to.


Michele said...

Lots of the people who try to tell us it wasn't vaccines also don't believe in God. They have a rude awakening coming, and well deserved.

My son is on the spectrum w/Pdd-NOS. I don't believe in god and I don't believe vaccines caused his disorder. HOWEVER. I do believe it has caused Autism in others, especially "typical" ASD children. My son is not typical by any shape of the imagination but he is still Autistic. And he is the final straw to why I don't believe in god. Too much for one person to handle in life... the icing on the cake so to speak.
But yet, I'm still here, fighting for a cure, for more awareness, for understanding and most of all, to get my son as "normal" as possible.