Friday, July 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton's Media Matters, A Criminal Enterprise

I maintain that Michael Savage is a victim of Media Matters
Here are some opinions about Media Matters from some of their victims:

Does anyone think the jackasses involved in the above crapola would not be happy to associate with those involved with the crapola below?


Anonymous said...

Interesting how Amanda Baggs has a couple of different camera angles in her video. How many cameras did the tax payers buy her? How can an autistic woman who hits herself and takes 5 hours to boil water set up several cameras in her apartment and then edit the film into this insanely stupidly, but well put together video. How can a woman who claimes she cannot understand the question 'do you want your sandwich cut' manage all the complicated text she adds to her videos. How is any of this possible?

Anonymous said...

Wow, if you want to be taken seriously and believed you might want to use slightly more intelligent vocabulary. Seriously, "crapola?"