Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dennis Debbaudt, Enemy of Autistic Children, Enabled by Age of Autism

I joined Dennis Debbaudt's Autism Risk and Safety newsgroup yesterday. Today, I discovered I had been thrown out. Dennis Debbaudt is the cop who has achieved fame by trying to raise awareness among first responders on how to deal with autism. That's a good thing since it's less likely that some cop will blow my kid's head off if he doesn't put his hands in the air when ordered to do so.

However, Debbaudt has made the error that pervades our society today of putting a bandaid on a symptom instead of solving the problem. Here's what Debbaudt claims his group is about: "This moderated group is open to everyone interested in improving interactions and relationships between children and adults with autism and criminal justice law enforcement professionals,fire rescue,...". Sounds reasonable, a good idea that I wouldn't take issue with. So, why would Officer Debbaudt take offense when I suggested to him that the best way to keep our kids safe and prevent these interactions from happening is to cure these children?

Debbaudt claims to have an autistic son who is in his twenties, has a job and drives a car. Since Dennis gave me one tersely worded warning after I mentioned curing autism before he threw me out of his group, I didn't have a chance to find out how autistic his son is. Being able to hold a job and drive suggests Asperger's but I can't make that assumption, so maybe Dennis will help us out by telling us more about him. The assumption I can make is that his son's brand of autism has nothing in common with the horror that my son endures.

This may be part of the answer as to why Debbaudt is opposed to improving the lives of children with autism. The other part is that his group is infested with neuroinsane psychopaths who definitely want to harm our children. Being in bed with neuroinsanity and doing anything to help autistic kids are two things that just do not go together. The character assassination from the neuronitwits began as soon as I made one comment on Debbaudt's group and Dennis seemed to be right in line with them. It's hard to believe that a cop who should have some street savvy could fall victim to this insanity but, perhaps the volume of propaganda from these sophisticated liars overwhelmed him.

For this con job to work, we have to thank Lenny Schafer and Kim Stagliano for their preaching about ignoring these nefarious propaganda experts. This is one more autism site I have visited where the infestation of neurodiverse nitwits is well entrenched and well meaning parents of autistic children have been conned into tossing their brains out the window. I'd be remiss in not congratulating Dan Olmsted and David Kirby for helping the nitwits to achieve this propaganda victory by their support of the most evil woman on the planet, Kathleen Seidel. While I write the truth about these child abusers, Schafer, Stagliano, Olmsted and Kirby choose to abet them while they spread their evil message far and wide. These "leaders" in the autism community have chosen to hide under their beds in the hope that the boogeyman will go away instead of stuffing their disingenuous words back down their throats. I just can't find words to express how disgusted I am with these people who support curing autism while they refuse to recognize and defeat the explosion of propaganda that prevents people from learning the facts to help their autistic children.

Back to Debbaudt, we find this seemingly well meant suggestion on his Yahoo group: "Let's share information here that can improve community experiences for autism spectrum children and adults, their families and care providers---and the law enforcers they may have contact with." Dennis, what better way to improve things for our kids could there be besides giving them back their lives by curing the God damn autism?

NOTE: I'm told that Dennis Debbaudt has never been a cop, just a private investigator. I apologize to cops for mistakenly including this guy as one of you and damaging your good name.


jonathan said...

Hi John, i met Brad Debaudt (Dennis' son) last week at ASA in Florida. He works as a janitor and i don't think has ever been to college so he is not like the really high functioning supereducated aspies who constantly criticize anyone who wants to cure autism. I guess he is high functioning compared to Sam. Also, Brad told me that Dennis has never been a law enforcement officer per se, just a private investigator at one time or something like that. His son can talk, but wants to dress up like a cowboy and have a mock southern accent for some reason so has a few autistic quirks.

John Best said...

One has to wonder why his father is not open to learning how to improve his condition. From the level of rodent infestation on his Yahoo group, he must be easily conned.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to college Jonathan?

jonathan said...

yes i went to santa monica community college and then got a bachelors degree in psychology from ucla but did not do very well, and no graduate school and don't work presently.

Anonymous said...

Wow...has anyone ever considered that there may NOT be a cure for autism...and maybe rather than try to cure these incredibly special children, we ought to just love them? What if there is no solution to the problem? Do we spend our lives being angry at Dennis Debbaudt and those like him who want to make the best of a situation? While I agree that so often in society today we try to put band-aids on situations and miss solving the problem, I've also seen some parents of autistic children who spend so much of their energy trying to cure their kids that they aren't able to enjoy them as the blessings that they are. There's got to be a balance....

John Best said...

It used to be true that there was no cure for autism. Since that's no longer true, anyone who loves their child will try to help them escape from the horror that is autism.

All we can do about morons like Dennis Debbaudt is to point out that he is wrong and hope he decides to learn. Of course, we have to do thus publicly to warn others about his stupidity since he pretends to know something about autism.

Anonymous said...

How can anyone work toward something positive while so incredibly angry?