Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Amanda Peet Causes Autism Via Stupidity

Amanda Peet is a good looking but stupid actress who gained her knowledge of vaccines from Paul Offit. Paul Offit is the murdering scumbag who has killed children with his vaccine but did not go to prison for it. So, now Offit campaigns for lying about the safety of vaccines so he can kill and maim more babies into autism while ensuring profit for himself and the other scumbags who make vaccines.

Peet, from this video, looks like the type of broad who you'd love to take to bed but would hate yourself in the morning when you were sober and had to listen to her talk. But, sex sells and Dr Offit has recruited Peet to con innocent parents into harming their babies. I hope Peet's managers have the good sense to tell this broad to keep smiling for the cameras but to leave discussions about autism to more intelligent people. The autism epidemic was caused by thimerosal in vaccines.


Anonymous said...

You're the epidemic, sicko!

Anonymous said...

I guess she is the vaccine industry's answer to Jenny.

Go Jenny!

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is related to Kim Peet, Rainman. That would explain her inability to think.

Anonymous said...

*shakes head*

And you wonder why no-one listens to you...

Foresam said...

I see that this asshole from the CDC has developed an interest in this blog:
Atlanta Georgia United States ( [Label IP Address]

Why don't you chime in and give us your opinion about scumbags who won't tell the truth about thimerosal?

lurker said...

I think the biggest blunder in this fight is the neglect to keep talking about thimerosal. Jenny and her associates should have focused on thimerosal instead, which was the real problem. But too many lost the will to point out thimerosal's role against the assertions and organized misinformation of the thimerosal defenders. I don't think Peet could have made this big smackdown had Jenny and others not looked for other toxins in the vaccines for hope of blame.

Foresam said...


Sign Lady said...

Please supply us with Pharma tool Amanda Peet's "fan mail" address so we can clue her in on her brother-in-law's good friend Dr. (Pr)Offit. We need to let her know a few facts he may have left out during his briefing session with her, including his rather hefty financial stake in the vaccine industry.

All of this might put a bit of a damper on her career as a "less than average" actress (speaking of parasites). Pity.

Foresam said...

Her managers would probably just delete it if you emailed her. I think it's more effective to discuss her stupidity in public where she can't throw your comments away.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Maybe she is related to Kim Peet, Rainman. That would explain her inability to think.

Why are you bashing Kim Peek?

CDC Atlanta said...

"Why don't you chime in and give us your opinion about scumbags who won't tell the truth about thimerosal?"

Gladly, scumbag. Thimerosal is safe. We are seeking legal advice about removing this blog from this site, and also to remove your son from your care and to have you locked up.

loveconquersall said...

CDC Atlanta Is that a threat? Honestly, I couldn't take you seriously after you said thimeriaol is safe. You lost all credability. Please crawl back from under your rock. This isn't 1958 it's 2008. Google baby!

Someone please inform Ms Peet's informant (Mr Profit) that he is a patent holder for a vaccine. That makes him...biased. Maybe you shouldn't use that word. She might not understand it. Try - leach - He is a leach that is sucking and draining the happiness and lives out of countless of thousands of children (for profit) Their parents, grandparents and everyone that ever loved a child with autism.

Mandy honey those are the people that you have insulted. Your thoughtless, ignorant and arrogant remarks are going to follow you around.....forever.
You, are this generations Jane Fonda. Not good. Your pretty little perky smile will soon fade. Believe me, autism isn't pretty. You have just entered into the abyss sweetheart.

John I have to disagree with you on one thing. There is nothing attractive about ignorance. It is ugly to the bone.

Amanda might also want to consider taking the bumper pads out of your precious child's crib. Geesh.

Craig said...

"Thimerosal is safe."

Really? Well, let's just send you a vial of it so you can have a nice big ol' sip, why don't we? You know, the same substance that requires the people using it to wear hazmat suits before they use it in manufacturing. Putz

sign lady said...

How funny. Someone posing as a CDC authority - no doubt from his parents' basement. :-D

No I don't think Amanda Peet's handlers would keep a letter or e-mail from her if it contained factual information that could impact her career. After all, who'll pay the handlers if her career tanks? Come on, someone post an address so we can flood Peet with the letters containing the truth!

loveconquersall said...

This is the contact information that I have found on The Age of Autism website.

Stephen Huvane
PMK/HBH Public Relations
Phone: 310-289-6200

Eric Kranzler
Management 360
Phone: 310-272-7000

Also, you can blog directly at the article on Cookie's website HERE

Or, you can write directly to the Cookie Editor HERE

I have written letters. I have called all of them. I have informed all of their receptionists that they should ask for a raise. :)

Anonymous said...

She flashed her boobies in "the whole 9 yards" ... so she cant be all bad.

capricorn said...

In 1977, 10 babies died in a Toronto hospital when Thiomersal (Thimerosal) was dabbed on their umbilical cords as a disinfectant. Its topical use and injection into animals was banned after that, but - incredibly - not its injection into babies via vaccines!

To find out what mercury does to children's brains, watch the video clip "Mercury destroys brain cells" on youtube.

It seems that the widespread damage caused by vaccines is not an accident, but planned and deliberate.

In his eye-opening article "The Vaccine Cover-Up" (on Dr Mercola's website), US neurosurgeon Dr R Blaylock MD says:

"Our society is littered with millions of children who have been damaged in one degree or another by vaccinations.

In addition, let us not forget the millions of parents who have had to watch helplessly as their children have been destroyed by devastating vaccination programmes."

Australian Dr A Kalokerinos MD:

"When I looked at the vaccination issue further, I was shocked to find that this whole vaccine business was indeed a gigantic hoax. Most doctors believe that vaccines are useful, but when one looks at the proper statistics, one finds that this is not so."

Graphs based on official statistics of infectious disease mortality rates indeed show that vaccines have never protected anyone, let alone saved any lives.

Here is some further helpful reading (google):

Dr A Kalokerinos interview

Dr Mark Randall interview
(but avoid abridged Nexus version)

Uganda polio vaccine deaths

Pictures of vaccine-injured children:

capricorn said...

Also check out this one:

Anonymous said...

Granting that neither Jenny McCarthy or Peet is a qualified professional, I am more likely to give McCarthy the benefit of the doubt for three reasons.

1. I've read McCarthy's book and she is far from the anti-vaccine crusader that the media seems to paint her as. McCarthy only mentioned vaccines once and all she says - after reminding the reader that she isn't a doctor, just a concerened parent (hmmm.. sound familiar Miss Peet?) - is that she thinks there enough evidence of a link to warrant further investigation and to reccomend a book about the controversy.

2. Peet has been going out of her way to say that she isn't an expert, that people shouldn't be listening to her. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much - because if she really felt her opinion wasn't worth listening to, she wouldn't be taking a spokesperson job with Every Child By Two.

3. Dr. Paul Offit - the only doctor Peet consulted with outside of her own extended family - has a questionable background to say the least. Even taking care to avoid potentially biased autism activism websites, I found several articles - including one by Lou Dobbs - about how he abuses his authority with the CDC to make a vaccine he held the patent on mandatory ( )and how said vaccine was recalled almost immediately for causing more problems than it treated ( ).

Seems to me that Peet isn't nearly as educated as she would like to think.

Anonymous said...

There are many GOOD ways to inform people and bring attention to autism.

Midnight In Chicago does it with their Autism Spectrum Podcasts at where people can hear the "Autism and Vaccines: Parts I & II" podcasts.

The podcasts quote sources which may be much more accurate than Ms. McCarthy's opinion.

MIC also has the "Countdown to Midnight" CD that sends proceeds to reputable autism charities.

Spread the word. It is important we get the FACTS out on autism.