Monday, June 30, 2008

Ralph Nader, Just as Useless as McCain and Obama for Autistic Kids

I met with Ralph Nader a few weeks ago and talked to him about curing autism. He asked for my phone number, asked me to send him more information and said he'd be in touch to talk more about this. I have not heard back from Mr Nader and I'm not surprised.

I do continue to receive email from Nader asking me for money to finance his campaign. This guy claims to favor medical coverage for everyone but, as with McCain and Obama, that medical coverage will not include children who were poisoned into autism by the vaccine industry.

Nader mentions all sorts of things as issues on his website but the word "autism" is not there. Evidently, the fact that perfectly normal babies were turned into walking zombies by mercury in vaccines is not a big deal to Nader. Since this fact should be a big deal to every politician, we can safely assume that Nader, as with McCain and Obama, just does not have the guts to challenge the vaccine industry.

By refusing to mention autism, Nader has established himself as just another useless politician who will sweep our poisoned children under the rug. This guy claims to be against corporations sticking it to the general public but, through his silence about autism, has tacitly agreed that he favors the continued poisoning of babies worldwide.

I tried to explain to Mr Nader that there are at least 10 to 20 million voters who have family members affected by autism. For a guy who could certainly use those 10 to 20 million votes, one would think that would be motivation to publicize the fact that the vaccine industry continues the poisoning of babies. It would make sense for Nader to discuss the fact that we are curing some of those kids by removing the mercury that caused the autism.

Since it does not appear that Nader is financed by the vaccine industry, the only thing that makes sense to me is that he must be afraid the vaccine industry will assassinate him if he starts publicizing the truth about autism and vaccines. He's not afraid to berate the government on any other issue. You'd think he'd at least try to pander to those 20 million voters whose autistic relatives are suffering horribly. Nope, Nader won't even say the word "autism". He knows that if the vaccine industry can buy the other candidates, they can also buy a hitman to dispose of him if he exposes how babies are poisoned with mercury in vaccines.

So, as I saw Nader as our only hope of obtaining any help for our autistic kids, I guess there's, once again, no point in voting. It's just a waste of time. Bothering to vote for President only accomplishes one thing. It tells the corporations who buy your vote that you are stupid enough to believe their lies.


Foresam said...

It's nice to see that this CDC employee has a google alert setup to learn about bloggers who write the truth about vaccines.

Atlanta Georgia United States ( [Label IP Address

Too bad the fucking CDC won't stop allowing drug companies to poison babies.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Best:
You and the "neurodiversity" advocates aren't really that dissimilar, in that you both want what you believe to be help for Autistic people and their families. Advocates of "Neurodivirsity" see the best way for that "help" as increased support services for Autistics and acceptance of their "different" sort of functioning.
You see the solution as Calling out "Big Pharma" on the thimerosol fiasco and getting more information about about therapeutic approachies such as Chelation which you say can help autistic people become more "functional".

Why the acrimony between the two sides? Both of you want "a better world" for those affected by Autism, and the "neuroinsane" (as you call them) might have a point when they say that Autism might be a "normal human variation". Some people are -- let's say -- allergic to peas. This is a "normal human variation" in that they will "function differently" when exposed to peas than somebody who's not allergic.

Maybe some (many?) of those who become autistic DO have a "genetic" aspect to it -- increased biological sensitivity to mercury, for example? Such that they develop different levels of symptomology ("autism") than others?

The issue from THEIR point of view is: they are the way they are. If the treatment/therapies can make them "normal", then that's one thing, but what it they can't in all cases? Shouldn't those "afflicted" with autism be empowered -- if possible -- to "work with" such aspects of their "affliction" as might prove useful in offsetting their "deficits" and, in so doing, make a "better" life for themselves and their loved ones?

I'm pretty sure this will send you into some kind of apeshit tirade against me. Please, instead of doing that, go hug your son. This whole thing is -- ostensibly -- about helping HIM, isn't it? Or has it all become something else?

Foresam said...

The difference between me and the neuronitwits is that I'm a genuine person who wants to see his kid get better.

The neuronitwits are not genuine.
They are propaganda experts who contrived all of this anti-cure malarky to hornswaggle people into believing that they should not help their kids. A few stupid people believe them. A whole bunch of naive Aspie's believe them. Lots of people who are ignorant about autism believe them.

No rational people who do know something about autism believe a word they say. All of the junk about therapies, support, etc. is just a cover that makes the scam work. These are very good propaganda experts. But, like the old can't fool all of the people all of the time.

jonathan said...

Anonymous, what is it that neurodiversity is recommending that will help kids? How is acceptance going to help John deal with his son who can hardly speak and engages in self-injurious behaviors?

What does the neurodiversity movement accomplish, besides starting internet wars and browbeating anyone who disagrees with their misguided agenda into submission besides John, Harold Doherty and myself, apparently the only ones who have the chutzpah to stand up to their scare tactics and demagoguery and nonstop hate mongering.

How the neurodiversity movement helps any autistics have a better life is beside me. Also, most of these people don't have autism, they have asperger's syndrome, diagnosed as adults, never had a speech delay or severe autism as I did at age 3.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe some (many?) of those who become autistic DO have a "genetic" aspect to it -- increased biological sensitivity to mercury, for example? Such that they develop different levels of symptomology ("autism") than others?"

Congrats on putting on your thinking cap. Now, if kids get autism from mercury, maybe it is a good idea to remove it from vaccines, correct? You have just agreed with all of John Best's points. His fight is with the people who hide this simple fact from the public. Go check autismdiva or orac if you want an idea about what neurodiversity thinks about mercury susceptability (hint: they say it doesn't exist).

If one is poisoned, they may like the symptoms for some reason or another, but that does not mean anyone has to listen to their ranting about "equality". They are still poisoned, and need treatment more than anything.

Foresam said...

If you have some comment on the negligence of our presidential candidates, I'll allow one of your verbose digressions to accompany it. Otherwise, there are better places for your long-winded chattering.