Wednesday, June 18, 2008

David Kirby Asks for Difficult Questions

"I sincerely encourage any and all vaccine-autism skeptics, critics, agnostics and cynics living in the northeastern US to please consider attending one of these talks, armed with all of your most pointed, difficult and critical questions."
said David Kirby as he advertised his Northeast tour.

I suppose Kirby will make his usual claim that, maybe thimerosal caused some autism. This guy wrote a book and makes his living off of publicizing the horror of thimerosal induced autism but he just doesn't have the guts to state definitively what every parent knows who has watched their autistic kid get better by removing the damn mercury.

With his "maybe" statement as a fallback, the only tough question one could ask Kirby would be similar to asking him if it might rain tonight. Kirby would be sure to check with a meteorologist, ask for more testing of computer weather models and maybe be confident enough in his answer to tell you there's a 10% chance of rain.

Your lack of confidence in yourself is pathetic, David. Whether you like it or not, you are representing my son. You do not represent my son properly by giving any weight to any of the lies bandied about by the industry that poisoned him.

When questioned by any MD about the fact that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic, the proper reply is to first, ask how many babies they poisoned personally. Then you ask 200 pound MD's if they will accept an injection of 500 micrograms of mercury, directly into their brain to approximate the same effect thimerosal had on our 5 pound infants. Follow this up by asking how much money the damage to their reputations will cost them when parents don't bother with the stupid well baby visits. Then ask them about "standard of care" which protects them from lawsuits as long as it is standard medical practice to lie to parents anout thimerosal. Remind them that we know that if the majority of them tell the truth and advise parents to use chelation to remove the poison that they put into our kids, that that majority will alter the "standard of care" and they will all be open to lawsuits themselves rather than just the drug companies. Advise them that we already know the truth by virtue of some of us curing our autistic kids and let them know that the sooner they stop lying to us, the sooner they can begin to regain some respect.

You can't use these arguments, David if you're going to keep acting like a pansy and pretending you don't know the truth. You don't win debates by saying "maybe". You win debates by stating your position in no uncertain terms and using every available fact to refute the opposition.

When confronted by neuroinsane nitwits who tell you autism has always existed, your response is simple. You ask them to present 1 out of 150, 78 year olds who are feces smearing, non-verbal, illiterate, head bangers. If we don't obtain the funding and the publicity to have all of our kids treated biomedically, that's what the world will have to deal with about 50 years from now. Don't worry, the nitwits won't even be able to find one old person with Asperger's.

When the inevitable stupid question surfaces about thimerosal being removed in 2001, the correct response is not to claim that there are too many vaccines. The correct response is that the drug companies learned what we learned, that the largest increase in autism happened in 1994, exactly three years after they started using the HepB shot on the day of birth, before infants have developed a blood brain barrier. First, you correct them by telling them that thimerosal was not removed until 2003 from most vaccines. Then, you point out that giving pregnant women the flu shot with thimerosal has a much greater effect on a one pound fetus with a barely developing brain than the HepB shot did on full term infants. You also can insert the fact that having all those babies born with scrambled brains instead of regressing makes the naive parents believe that autism is genetic so they don't learn that their kids can be cured and they don't learn that they can sue the vaccine manufacturers. Are you getting this, David?

But, of course, the questions I would like to ask of you and Olmsted still remain. Why did you publicly support Kathleen Seidel who consistently lies about autism, thereby influencing public opinion against us obtaining the help we need to cure our kids and stop the poisoning of babies worldwide? When will it dawn on you that you have kicked every decent parent in the groin by publicly supporting this nefarious bitch? Why won't you or Olmsted answer that question, David? Will you answer that question for my son who you represent and who can't afford the treatment he needs? Do you think it is ethical to make your living off the back of my son while you misrepresent him in this cowardly fashion?


Anonymous said...

maybe thimerosal caused some autism.

That's true - at best.

Anonymous said...

The Idiots that diagnosed me probably need their licenses revoked.
I am sorry man, I dont freaking believe that I am an aspie. Why, I met a batch of other aspies today all aged 31 to 56 in a local aspie meet and greet of sorts. 4 of the 5 still live with their parents, 4 of the 5 have always been single, and 4 of the 5 hold and struggle at menial jobs.
I am starting to see it your way John, the autism societies and all the related agencies are all freaking "enablers" ... sorta like the government programs to identify , nurture and propogate mediocrity and incompetence. After all where will the next generation of government workers come from ...
I am sorry, call me a snob, but I want my son to be an engineer (like his great grandpa on my side and grandpa on his mom's) ... the only other thing I'd settle for is if he turns into a genius mathematician at 10. I cannot believe these people are making a big deal about bagging groceries part time.
Anyway, real aspies are available a plenty in the IT world, and they dont even fit the category of autism like you have known all along JB, and if the aspies are bagging groceries cos they want to do something with their life instead of vegetate ... I am sorry, I call that Low functioning autism.
I left home for a dorm room and a motorcycle at 17, left for the USA at 21 and never even looked back, rather cold I'd say but I married my sweetheart at 24 and since then she has kept me in touch with everyone.
Sorry Autism is just another word for retarded, aspies are not even in the same league, and anyone who calls these 2 interchangably need to be taken to a field and beaten.
I'll take aspie for my son, and I believe we would hit that somewhere along the chelation route.
His glutathione is at over 1200 from a under 350 when we started 2 years ago, and kiddo is very very sharp these days. He just amazes everyone that meets him. I think I have to get him off the lupron quick, pretty soon girls are going to try to pick him up ...
BTW we are not doing lupron dailies anymore, no B12 shots either and have not done either for 5 months, we on 2 depots a month (one every 2 weeks) ... essentially we were pricking him 45+ 1 or 2 depots times a month for ~18 months.
He also is off a lot of suppliments. And we have not chelated for over 1 year and we only did less than 3 months total chelation. DMSA for 2 months and DMPS for 1 month.
I almost should hold out for the haley formula I think.

Foresam said...

We've seen from Neurodiversity that weirdos and wackos who are outcasts have flocked to the Asperger's diagnosis. The professionals who diagnose them would give them any label they wanted as long as they could pay the hourly fee.

If Amanda Baggs had looked hard enough, I'm sure she could have found a doctor who would have given her a label of "Elf". For a few extra bucks, the doc would probably toss in a pointed hat for her to wear.

Anonymous said...


thanks for my much needed laugh of the day. ROFL

Whenever I need a chuckle I head over to her site and see what twaddle she has laid out for the gullible masses to ingest that day.

When people get bored with her, and they will, she will be left fat and mute, wondering what to do next, what bandwagon to jump on.

As for Aspies, Srinath summed them up well.

everef94 said...

Hello. I believe EVERY damn thing you say on this blog. However, I have autism. I hate those goddamn pharmacutical corporations for destroying my childhood. Fuck you Pfizer, fuck you Merck, fuck you Bush and Clinton, fuck you Bilderberger and Rothschild! However, I have no money, and I doubt my parents would believe me. I believe that willpower will make me great, and I believe that if I concentrate on my goals, study phscycology, and check the ingredients of the food that I eat, I can cure myself by fall.

Thank you for opening my eyes.

Foresam said...

Why don't you look at this and find out how ALA might help you. It's only $6 a bottle.

Anonymous said...

As per my wife ALA (the 3 months I was on 3-11 schedule) really made a huge diff for me ... I cannot see what it did, but I am going to start my next few rounds. Pity is, I think I did the most damage to my career in the 3 months after the last ALA round. I quit a rather well paying job cos I couldn't deal with the bureaucracy and was fired from the next one for being well ... not a butt kissing sychophant.
Yea terrible few months of late.
In the mean time the enablers are counselling me on this or that.

Foresam said...

Srinath, Can't people who work with computers get jobs all over the place?

Anonymous said...

Well, I am sorta looking to not move - again. I am in charlotte which is a bank town, as such B of A and wachovia have had huge layoff's so lots of people are unemployed. Bad, but that is the situation. I am doing a motorcycle biz on the side, keeps some cash comming in.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Srinath, you're in denial. As for "Autism is another word for retarded", I'd love you to meet my friend who has classic autism.

She went to college and studied Citizenship (I think that's what the course was called) and she wants to help the community.

Now, if being a good person who spends thir entire life helping other people is retarded, I feel very sorry for you. Now, if you said that to her face, she could choose to pummel you to the ground (she is very strong) but she wouldn't do that because she is a kind person. She'd be very hurt by your sociopathic attitude, to which case, I would happily beat the living shit out of you, you creep.

Plus, my aspie friends may be working in supermarkets, but most UNIVERSITY/COLLEGE students do. Students may also live with their parents as most of them can't afford accomodation.

No. The autism societies are there to stop the STIGMA around autism and to help these people live dignified lives. All of this "government is doing shit behind out backs" is veryt childish. This is not a sci-fi novel.

You are a snob. The biggest kind- "I want my kid to be an engineer". That's very sad that you can't just accept your child that way. What if they want to do something else like own a shop or work in the community or become an artist or something. Would you not be proud of them anyway?

You are just going through the five stages:






I think that's how it is. I think you're well on your way to anger (but then again. you're always angry).

I'm guessing by the end of the year, you'll accept it. Ciaow.


Anonymous said...

Reality is indeed a bitch and the reality is that so many people these days are claiming to be autistic that the rest of us cannot keep up with the taxes to keep you all on Social Services.

All you geniuses should be keeping the rest of us if you are so clever.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Boohoo! I have to pay my taxes! It's not fair that society has to take care of the weak and disabled who are also people! Why oh why can't amoral, sociopathic views be widely accepted in society! Then disabled people would be simply killed and we won;t have to deal with thos parasites"

Look, you moron, if disabled people weren't around, my uncle wouldn't have a job. Other people need money too, y'know.

Also, this might be the reason why aspies can't get jobs- in fact, I'll spell it out for you:

It's not that they're lazy fucks and it's not just that they can't adapt very well. It's because:

1.Too much money is going to charities that promise they are going to cure autism. Your money is being spent on, frankly, a load of crap because not enough money is going to the services that you you people bitch about not being able to get for your kid. Therefore, it's you, the taxpayer, that has to suffer. Don't blame the disbaled- blame the charities you support. They are dangling your kids on a string for crying out loud.

2. Most people won't hire an autistic person mostly because they are worried about their business. Not only that, but unemployment is very common anyway and most people can't get jobs.

So this is why these people need benefits. Look, just because you're a genius, it doesn't mean that you are going to make a lot of money. My sibling is a genius and they work in a supermarket! AND they don;t have any developmental disorders!

You people are horrible. Is this what you are going to tell your kid if this so called cure doesn't doesn't work?That they are parasites? That they are slobs? That they are stupid?

Please answer this question because this is very important-

Just imagine this cure doesn't work. JUst IMAGINE. I don't wanna hear "That will never happen" because this is a serious question. What would you do if nothing can cure your child?

If this is really what you think about disabled people (most of them actually DO try to get a job BTW), then this is what yo think of your child.