Thursday, September 10, 2009

Why Won't J B Handley Support This?

J B Handley won't support putting an end to Amanda Baggs lying about autism to the detriment of our children because he is a dishonest son of a bitch who is also lying about autism.

I suppose all of the people who were conned by Handley also agree that it is a good idea to keep quiet while Amanda Baggs runs around to conferences misrepresenting the truth about autism.

When the government buys your kid a talking machine and refuses to help you cure that kid because they listened to Amanda Baggs and Ari Ne'eman, two of J B Hnadley's associates, maybe then all of you sheep who follow this psychological warfare expert will wake up.

Refusing to take a stand against Amanda Baggs abusing your children is tacit support of her treachery and the treachery of the Pharmaceutical Industry who created Neurodiversity.

Why isn't Jenny McCarthy opposing Amanda Baggs?

Amanda Baggs and Ari Ne'eman are a lot more dangerous than Paul Offit because they have taught the general public that autism does not need to be cured.

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