Monday, September 07, 2009

What's Funny About J B Handley?

You know what's funny about publishing my thoughts about J B Handley being a psychological warfare agent? The Neurodiverse psychopaths like Kevin Leitch and Orac don't have one word to say about it. Nobody else has one word to say about it either.

Perhaps the people who have been conned don't want to admit it to themselves. One would think however, that the Neurodiverse, who have been bashing the hell out of Handley for years would be happy that someone on Handley's side of the debate exposed his stupidity for what it really is. Yet, the Neuroimbeciles are silent.

I'll take that silence from Handley's alleged opponents as confirmation of what I've thought for quite a while now, that Handley and the Neuronitwits have been on the same side all along...creating this stupid debate to distract people from the work that needed to be done...the work of educating the masses so that we can stop the wortldwide poisoning of babies and old folks (Alzheimer's).

And, to think I might not have figured all of this out if it hadn't been for Nicole Crosby and Kim Stagliano deciding to gloat about conning me into believing the nonsense from the alleged doctor, Andrew Moulden. If it wasn't for the gloating, I might never have connected Moulden's fraud with Age of Autism's fraud.

So, thanks Nicole for that gloating. It was a big help. And Nicole, make sure your boy reads this so he can get things right the next time he writes about the Neuronitwits.

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