Saturday, September 26, 2009

Oathkeepers, Psychological Warfare Against We the People

Stewart Rhodes is the founder of a group called Oathkeepers. He has cleverly disguised a plan to call on the military, veterans and police to allow domestic enemies of the Constitution to carry out the poisoning of babies unimpeded by asking those of us who belong to these groups of patriotic citizens to do nothing until after the crime has been perpetrated upon us. This lawyer makes himself sound good by pretending that refusing to obey orders after genocide has been perpetrated is useful to anyone.

When approached about the fact that the genocide needs to be stopped before it happens, Rhodes assaults people with insults and throws them off his forum. When advised that a corrupt Congress should be dealt with by military intervention, Mr Rhodes supports business as usual as babies continue to be poisoned with vaccines.

Having confronted this scumbag lawyer about his disingenuous leadership and watching him hide like a scared rabbit behind insults, I have to think that Oathkeepers is an organization dedicated to disinforming Americans about useful actions that we can take.

Mr Rhodes took great pride in having General Albert Stubblebine join his group. When informed that Stubblebine was not telling the truth and was also trying to lead people down a false path to doom, Rhodes proved to me that he was not to be trusted.

By opposing information about how babies are intentionally being poisoned with vaccines, Stewart Rhodes has announced that he is generating propaganda against babies and people should not be sucked into associating themselves with this bastard.

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