Monday, September 07, 2009

Wendy Fournier, Enemy of Autistic Children, National Autism Association

Wendy Fournier, head of the National Autism Association, just announced that she does not want parents of autistic children to know the truth about how they were conned by JB Handley and David Kirby.

I posted the link to my post about Handley and Kirby that is below this on Wendy's Facebook site about her plan for 9/9/09, noticed someone from Newport, Rhode Island where Wendy lives had checked out that post on my blog and then I saw that my information on Wendy's site had been deleted.

So, we see that Wendy wants to help Handley and Kirby perpetuate their con job to prevent us from winning the battle against Pharma to end the poisoning of our children and our senior citizens with mercury in the flu shots.

It doesn't look like Wendy took much time to think about what I had to tell her so, if she comes to her senses and lets the truth sink in, I'll allow her to apologize and I'll delete this post. People who have been working hand in hand with excellent psychological warfare agents sometimes need a little time to accept the fact that they've been played for a sucker. I won't hold that against Wendy since I've always thought she was honest.

Wendy is doing a great job with her 9/9/09 assault on our corrupt politicians and I hope everyone joins in that attack.


Wendy said...

Hi John,

I deleted that post because the event and that page are devoted solely to making positive change for our kids on 09-09-09, not for picking fights. There are plenty of other forums for that kind of stuff.

I've spent the last 7 years giving everything I have for our kids - yours and mine. Not sure why you feel the need to personally attack me now, but I find your headline very hurtful.

Wendy said...

John, Seriously, I'm working my ass off to get this 09-09-09 campaign ready for Wednesday. I don't have time to play this game and monitor your comments on the facebook page. If you want to pick on me, can you wait until the 10th? I'm trying to make something good happen here.

Foresam said...

Hi Wendy,
I noticed that you spent all of 21 seconds reading what I had to tell you about how Handley and Kirby have conned us all.
I've spent the last ten years giving everything I have for our kids and I'm not happy that so many people have been conned by these two scumbags. Would it kill you to read what I had to say and think about it?

I'm not playing any games, Wendy. I'm not picking fights either. I'm just doing what I always do, pointing out the truth.

I'm going to add to my post to point out that your work and your idea on 9/9/09 is solid, and a positive approach that I hope everyone gets behind it, as I am going to join you. However, I also hope you can think about how Martin Luther King and Abby Hoffman knew that only PUBLIC OPINION could win the type of fight that we are involved in.

Towards that end, I hope you will see the value in the suggestion at the end of my post that you deleted that asks people to influence public opinion by placing "billboards" on their lawns and on their cars to sway that PUBLIC OPINION that is our only chanve to win the war.

I would have emailed you but, since you ignored my last email asking your assistance in creating treatment centers for autistic children, I figured you'd ignore this one too.