Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ari Ne'eman Learned This, Why Didn't Kirby and Handley?

Notice the white people in the crowd. That is called "swaying public opinion".

Ari Ne'eman is a young man who wants to prevent anyone from curing autism. That's what he has said. Yet, people like JB Handley, who claim to champion the cause of curing autism, ignore Ne'eman while he gains support from people who have autistic children. Ne'eman sways public opinion while Handley helps him accomplish that feat by ignoring him. Lenny Schafer also helps Ne'eman by advising people to ignore him.

Ne'man goes on TV and is featured in magazines while leaders of people who want to help cure autism are silent. Their silence abets the treachery.

The Ku KLux Klan, in their ignorance, was not silent during Civil Rights. They fought hard to uphold segregation but they lost, as they should have.

Leaders of the fight to cure autism refuse to fight at all while Ari Ne'eman and Neurodiversity keep making huge gains in their fight to control public opinion.

While Ne'eman meets with Obama, JB Handley, Kirby, Schafer, Fournier and others are silent. While Amanda Baggs speaks at conferences defrauding parents of autistic children, Handley, Kirby, Schafer and Fournier are eerily silent. Should we conclude that Handley, Kirby, Schafer and Fournier see themselves in a less tenable position than the Ku Klux Klan were in in 1963 and decided to quit? Or have they sold out those children intentionally with their silence?

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