Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Droopy Banned from Autcom Again, President of Autcom Resigns

Scroll down to page 11 here to see Sharisa Kochmeister's resignation as President of Autcom.

It seems that some of the evil scumbags from Neurodiversity had merely convinced Sharisa to accept the Presidency of Autcom to give these scumbags some respectability. Sharisa removed the names from her resignation letter but anyone who knows what went on last year with Jim Sinclair and Amanda Baggs being involved with banning an autistic woman from this conference can make an educated guess about who was involved in the same crap this year.

Sharisa is a decent and intelligent young woman with cerebral palsy who was used by Neurodiversity, that group of liars who spawned Ari Ne'eman, that despicable, lying bastard who JB Handlay will not oppose while he misrepresents autism in the major media.

Now that Sharisa has seen the truth about how evil and dishonest the rest of these lowlifes from Autcom are, I wonder if the idiot lawyer, Courtney Lockwood might decide to check with Sharisa and decide to take some action about allowing Amanda Baggs to present dishonest information in New Hampshire this Friday.

If Courtney Lockwood has any scruples at all, she should investigate Autcom and take measures to see that Droopy has every penny refunded to her that she lost when she had to cancel her travel plans at the last minute. Perhaps some people might wish to call Lockwood from the Disability Rights Center and encourage her to do the right thing for an autistic woman who has been abused by Autcom. The phone number can be found in the link above. We know that Lockwood doesn't mind Amanda Baggs abusing my son so people need to convince this moronic bitch that Autcom should not also be allowed to abuse Droopy and her traveloing companion who lost money due to this discrimination.

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Anonymous said...

Ari Ne'eman, Katie Miller, Donna Williams and Amanda Baggs will be exposed for what they are. Have no worries. People aren't that stupid. It's just a matter of educating them. These freakazoids are so obvious a third grader could detect the fraud. And trust me, many in the law enforcement circles see these clowns and wish there was a way to arrest them for impersonating persons with autism ..maybe there is a way, since they are profitting off a false diagnosis they use on themselves. Like your astute observation, as to these Aspergers (if they are in fact Aspies) who interchange the word autism and aspergers, as if the same, that is why they desperately want to be included in autism makes their deception harder to detect, but what they fail to see is it will actually make them easier to detect. They will never prosper, not for long. Like all counterfeits and smiling liars, the party is going to end. Let's hope they come around and have the ability to renounce their narcissim and sociopathic ways. Love how they support gays too, as if that has anything to do with autistic pride. Oh, my goodness does that show what they are really about or what?