Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Age of Autism Murders 11 Year Old

Here, Kevin Leitch discusses how a sane man killed his autistic son. Kevin admits that he, himself is insane in the comments so you have to ignore his mentally ill appraisal of the situation to determine how sane people view the horror of this tragedy.

September 30th, 2009
"Rose & Anna – I am mentally ill. I have manic depression (bipolar). At no point have I considered murdering my child due to lack of services. The idea that this dad was depressed is speculation. Even if he was, murder is not justifiable. I am not saying ‘hate this dad’. I am saying, do not pity him"

Age of Autism publicly supported Leitch and his mentally ill appraisal of autism when they supported Kathleen Seidel's abuse of the 1st amendment to defame Mark Geier and anyone else who told the truth about autism. Leitch and Seidel are equally mentally deranged and no honest person would ever support what they have to say about autism. By supporting these insane rantings, Age of Autism told everyone they were not going to tell the truth about autism.

That's exactly what Age of Autism does. They present treacherous lies that prevent people from taking the proper action to stop the government from poisoning children into autism. When Age of Autism tells people to play games with the government it is like advising a child rape victim to be nice to the rapist instead of telling his parents what happened.

Everyone who deals with autism pities this father who killed his kid. I think I understand why he did it. It's very frustrating knowing that autism could be eradicated and cured if only the government would tell the truth. It's even more frustrating when the majority of parents who know this follow liars who kiss the government's ass instead of taking action against the government.

There are all sorts of ways to oppose the government and force them to do the right thing. Anyone with an imagination can come up with some. The one way to make sure that the government does nothing though, is to kiss their ass. It's just like kissing a rapist's ass. He'll still rape you and that's just what the government will always do.

Perhaps all of these parents who follow Age of Autism and David Kirby have also been brain damaged by mercury and can't think for themselves. Not being a drooling imnbecile who follows faggots myself, I don't quite understand the mentality of anyone who would follow this lousy leadership. Or, maybe it's a level of stupidity that's just too low to fathom. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

Anyhow, it's this imbecilic attitude of kissing the government's ass that allows for people like this guy who killed his kid to exist. If we forced the government to do the right thing, these parents of autistic kids who experience hopelessness would have someplace to turn to find better answers. If parents see that Age of Autism and Kirby are misleading them about how to win this war, things can be turned around. If not, they might as well all join Kevin Leitch and his mentally ill cronies who like to talk about these things but would never get off their asses to solve the problem. This is what followers do. They wine over how awful it is but they never decide to engage in positive action to force the government to obey The People.


Astrid said...

So are you saying that, since Kev has a mental illness, he cannot possibly say anything sane? I guess in that case I should see if I can collect a number of autism curebies who admit to being mentally ill, to prove that autism cure is insane. Of course, since the whole argument is illogical, I will not actually do that.

Foresam said...

The old term for bi-polar was wack job. So, while it's possible that Kev could make a sane comment at some point, it's highly unlikely.

Since there is no such thing as a curebie, you're going to have trouble with that part of your inane analogy.

Astrid said...

The only official synonym for bipolar is manic depression - your term is not legitimate. May I ask if you've ever been close to someone with bipolar? If you have, you would know that, even if they are manic or depressed, most of the time they say sane things, and nowadays iwth medications and other treatments, most bipolars function alright most of the time. So saying that someone has bipolar doesn't automatically discredit anything they say. Now could you please point out what in Kev's comment is actually insane?

Foresam said...

Astrid, Wack job is the best description for all of the bi-polar lunatics I've known. Some of them make no sense at all...ever.