Thursday, October 01, 2009

Wendy Fournier Helps to Murder 11 Year Old Boy, National Autism Association

I have donated money to the National Autism Association. I always thought they had their heads and hearts in the right place. That's why I chose to ask for their assistance when I needed the help of a non-profit agency to initiate a plan to provide housing and treatment for autistic children who were too difficult for their parents to handle. Wendy Fournier refused to even answer my request for her help.

If Wendy had answered me and I had achieved a fast start to the program I was trying to develop, this murdered child and his father might still be alive today. But, Wendy is one of those "warrior moms" who is just too self-important to listen to anyone who knows how to solve the whole problem of autism. Wendy Fournier and all of the other idiotic mothers who follow David Kirby and JB Handley just keep allowing themselves to be led by these dishonest bastards while autistic children continue to die.

These dumb broads have not developed any programs that can help parents in similar situations. They are quite adept at moaning about this sort of thing on Yahoo groups but just don't have the brains to take any positive actions to solve the problem. These mentally inept broads are also good at burying their heads in the sand so that they don't see any criticism of their moronic "advocacy".

I'd like to challenge NAA to come up with a better idea than the one I presented to them about housing and treating autistic children so that they might regain normal function of their brains and be able to live a decent life. Obviously, NAA doesn't give a fuck about taking positive action to place children where they might achieve this before their parents crack under the stress and kill them. I guess Kirby and Handley didn't tell them to enable their brains to think forwardly about such things.

The National Autism Association must be aware that this has happened many times now. Are there any husbands of these stupid women who can convince them that they should start listening to straight men instead of queers to solve problems involving children. Queers don't have any experience with children so their opinions should generally be dismissed. Perhaps men who cure autism also have more on the ball than queers who advise people to wait for studies to tell them what to do while the kids wind up dead in the meantime.

Sorry, I almost forgot to thank Lenny Schafer for throwing me out of the EOHarm group so I couldn't help to educate these dumb broads. Since the wise old Mr Schafer didn't want me to take on that task, perhaps he will teach these women some common sense himself. I can only hope. The next kid who winds up murdered by a parent hopes so too, Lenny.


Kgaccount said...

Hi Jon, It looks like you're a veteran of Phil Gluyas' war on anyone raising a severely autistic child. Phil Gluyas is a very sick and sadistic man who spends most his time abusing and terrorizing women who have relatives with severe autism. He also HATES me with a passion, which I find pathetic. I mean, I'm a woman. Raising a severely autistic son. What kind of man goes after women with autistic kids? Well, that's easy. A mixed personality disorder with sadistic tendencies that thinks or has otherwise convinced others that he's a person with Aspergers. Phil Gluyas is the reason I posted my video: autism epidemic out of control. Google if you read this, and you should, because I'm keeping track of it, if you listen or support Phil Gluyas in any way shape or form, it won't turn out too good, as Gluyas has a LONG history of being a vicious provoking, sadisitc strangled intestine prone freak of nature that is diabolically driven in his innner most core. He's about 5 minutes from the depths of destruction, as in self destruct. I hope, and pray, poor Phil gets on his knees and asks God to change his heart and mind. To save him from himself, because Phil Gluyas has given himself over to the darkest of forces and doesn't even know it. He's held captive to the will of all that is evil in this world. He's capable of anything because he has no self control anymore. He attacks others than hides and tries to get his young male aspies to do legal work to cover his butt and harass Google into shutting everyone down who exposes him. Google get some cajones, ok? Wise up, please. There are some good people associated with Google, but there are others who just don't have the time or ability to see Phil Gluyas is clearly a man one step away from the insane asylum. God help him.

John Best said...

Hi KG,
I first encountered Phil about three years ago when he immediately threatened to sue me and have my blog deleted because someone discovered his real name.

I've been laughing at him ever since. He's much too stupid for anyone to take him seriously. There are a lot of other people from neurodiversity who are very intelligent and a real threat to our children. Ari Ne'eman is one of them. He was just appointed to a nation Council that will set policy on disability. Ne'eman's goal (unstated) is to kill all of our kids by allowing them to die in institutions. He'll probably try to legalize eugenics for them if he rises higher in government.

You can safely ignore Gluyas, just delete his comments and block him from pestering you on Youtube. Parents like us can't ignore Ne'eman though as he is pure evil and associated with other intelligent people who are also pure evil.

You can email me at