Monday, October 05, 2009

Age of Autism Asks Obama to Keep Causing Autism

Age of Autism is asking for Obama to poison babies with the mercury containing flu shot via their inane assertion that old HepB shots that used to have mercury caused autism. These liars at Age of Autism have ignored the fact that the flu shot has replaced the HepB shot as the best way to shoot mercury into babies to cause autism. They have dredged up studies that were done with old data when the HepB shot still had the full dose of mercury and did cause autism all by itself.

Now, the flu shot to pregnant women is the most effective way to poison a fetus into autism but Age of Autism won't share this common knowledge information. Instead, they keep promoting nonsense by asking Obama to ban the wrong vaccine. In the meantime, all of those pregnant women who will be lining up for flu shots this week will have good odds of having an autistic baby, thanks to Age of Autism helping the CDC to lie to them.


Julianne Decker said...

Not sure if this will post will even work. New to the world of blogging.

My 23 month old grandaughter was just diagnosed with severe autism. Have been researching non-stop since my daughter told me.

Almost took her to one of those cure-autism docs but stumbled on this site and decided that chelation is the way to go (together with traditional methods of teaching, etc.)

Need help finding a chelation doctor in NJ or NYC. Heck, any help or insight would be appreciated. This is all very overwhelming.


Foresam said...

Andy Cutler is a PhD who's the best chelation doctor there is. Read what he has to say in the "Files" section here.

Julianne Decker said...

Found it. Many, many thanks. Going forward with this. Will be reading your blog consistently as well. Again, many thanks.


Foresam said...

I started using chelation over 5 years ago. My son was severe. Doctors called him a "vegetable". His behavior was so bizarre that we were never sure if the chelation could have been causing any trouble or not so, we took many breaks and have only done between 80 and 90 rounds when we could have done 275 during that time.

My son is now much better but would probably have improved a lot more if we had chelated more. I have other reasons that prevented me from chelating as much as I would have liked.

A useful but expensive test that you can do is to check for the APO-E4 protein. If she has that variation of the APO's, it means she can not excrete any heavy metals so it lets you know that if mercury went into her that it is certainly still there and needs to be removed.

Foresam said...

Someone had a comment about the "gut" that may be worth discussing but I don't publish anonymous comments anymore.