Monday, October 19, 2009

Age of Autism Liars Censor Lenny Schafer

Below is copied from the EOHarm group that Lenny Schafer threw me out of. I suspect that Lenny was pushed into throwing me out by some of the same liars associated with Age of Autism. Isn't it odd that Lenny Schafer says almost the exact same thing I've been saying for a long time about Age of Autism? And, AoA uses the same stategy to deal with the honest statements from Lenny that they don't want anyone to know. They delete the truth so they can con decent parents into losing the battle.

Re: Olmsted on Autism: Why Insel Must Go -- Now!

I agree with Dan that the IACC is a "sham". However, I don't see how switching
one public health bureaucrat with another will make any difference. IACC never
has, and never will do the research really needed. Autism advocates need to stop
prostrating themselves to these inherently hostile government agencies
. Instead,
we should be passing laws and filing lawsuits. I tried to post this on the Age
of Autism blog and it was censored out, btw.
AofA need to get their political
focus tuned up. The IACC is not news. - Lenny (Schafer)

Don't let this bother you, Lenny. Kim Stagliano censors me for telling the truth about Neurodiversity. This is just further proof that AoA and Pharma are on the same side.


Foresam said...

Sorry Jake, I don't want to link to that hate site.

Jake Crosby said...

Well I write for that "hate site."

Foresam said...

Why do you write for a site that won't tell the truth about how autism is caused? Or. how to force the government to stop causing it?

Do you know how to force the govt. to stop causing autism, Jake? I do. I thought it was common knowledge but it seems that nobody at AoA ever learned this simple tactic.

The author said...

You are still friends with Lenny, then? It is surprising you have not turned on him yet considering the way you have turned on every other erstwhile ally of yours, Kirby, Handley and the rest.

One day you will come round from your present delusion, and realise who the real conspirators are.

When you push yourself so far out on the edge you will need a friend, there is an old saying, that when you are climbing the ladder of success be careful not to piss on anyone coming up below you, because you may meet them on the way coming down.

I think you need to re-evaluate things, before you find yourself too far out on a limb, it is lonely out there and dangerous.

Foresam said...

I'm an old goalie, so used to being lonely as the last line of defense. Sometimes you have to stop pucks that are shot at you by your own team when they make a mistake.

In this case, my team has made a major mistake. I'm not about to let the children down by letting those mistakes slide. I'll hold my ground no matter how bad the team sucks that I'm on.

Anonymous said...

I'm on Johns side.
Ever since my zapping therapy, I can now see the truth of the matter.

Julie said...

Doesn't have to be posted, but wanted to let you know...

Read everything I could get my hands on regarding APO E4.

Going to cut to the chase and insist the DAN doctor do the APO E4 test for little Julia.

Can't see much point in dilly dallying around with other crap.

anon number one said...

John, my mother told me once "Wait until you are in your fifties. You really will be completely past giving a shit about what anyone thinks about what you have to say and you will just call it like it is without a second thought." I immediately thought of you when she told me this!