Friday, October 16, 2009

Trifecta of Evil, Age of Autism, Autism Speaks and ASAN

Here we have three groups of liars who all support each other to the detriment of autistic children. They all use similar tactics involving brainwashing, peer pressure, bandwagon and playing on the stupidity of the masses.

Age of Autism sucked in the sane parents who want to cure autistic kids and conned them into supporting deceptive public figures who present only part of the truth. While David Kirby continues to find incredible stories about how autism is caused to cover up the truth, these stupid parents just don't have the brains to see what Kirby is doing. They blindly support this psychological warfare expert because they aren't smart enough to think this through for themselves.

I've tried to question some of them in private to help them see the truth about Kirby, Handley and some other sadists but they are too brainwashed to see me as anything but a traitor. That's how it goes with cults. People of average intelligence can be easily led when they are made to feel good about being part of a peer group and conned into believing that they are joining forces to fight evil.

As I was a part of this group until a couple of years ago, I freely joined in the valid opposition to the Pharmaceutical industry, until it started to go very far astray. Now, these parents support the use of thimerosal in vaccines and they aren't even bright enough to see how they have been conned into doing that.

These people have been led by Kirby, Handley and Jenny McCarthy to blame all sorts of red herrings for causing autism instead of sticking to opposing the one thing that has been proven as the cause, thimerosal. They have even been sheepish enough to use the same obtuse language that Kirby uses by talking about "genetic predispositions" and "environmental influences" when they should be using the words "APO-E4" and "mercury". APO-E4 is the "genetic trigger" as these imbeciles like to phrase it and mercury is the "environmental influence". Stupid, cult following parents just don't see how using these terms takes the focus off the real problem. Kirby knows how this works because he trained all of them to use these moronic terms. To fit in with the group, the brainwashed parents complied and began writing rhetoric against their own children.

Katie Wright joined the crew from her perch at Autism Speaks and conned these parents into believing that she had broke from the mold of her own organization and was now going to help lead these fools to the promised land. Where does she lead them? She leads them to places like the IACC (Inter Agency Autism Coordinating Committee) where she wastes their time and energy "doing battle" with the evil government. You can't fight the government because they always win when they make the rules. Any nitwit knows this but not the brainwashed parents who follow the lead from Age of Autism and Kirby. You have to give orders to the government to beat them, not screw around with them by following their rules. I've said this a million times but the uneducated parents who follow these liars just aren't smart enough to learn this. The result is that we have a lot of stupid parents making a lot of noise about the wrong thing and influencing public opinion in a bad way.

Bob Wright pretends that he has no control over Autism Speaks and can't tell them what to do. Katie Wright joins in this misdirection. It's her organization and she could do whatever she wanted. She can shut it down if she wants and start again with all of the liars gone if she really wanted to do the right thing with all of the money she steals from the public. If this bitch really gave a damn about any autistic kid besides her own, she could call press conferences and detail the sham the is going on at Autism Speaks that sees every dime they take in wasted and no child cured. Anyone who believes that Katie Wright is looking out for the interest of any autistic kid besides hers should have their head examined. I can only imagine what I would do if I started something like Autism Speaks and watched what it had turned into. Paying a slug like Geraldine Dawson $600+K to go and lie to Congress would not be my idea of doing good with that money for autistic kids.

While Ari Ne'eman and his brainwashed psychopaths are out protesting Autism Speaks for the wrong reasons, Katie Wright and Age of Autism remain silent. This can only mean that they support Ne'eman and his band of criminals. If Katie didn't support Ne'eman, she could probably rile up the stupid parents who follow her to protest Autism Speaks for the right reason. Katie Wright could lead these dopes to insist that NYU put their billboards back up that spelled out the truth about how horrid autism is and she could also rally them to protest Autism Speaks latest video for the right reason, that they again denied that a cure exists for autism.

When Katie Wright, Kirby and Age of Autism ignore all of this treachery without ever mentioning it, it is tacit approval of the deception. They can't be so blind that the only enemy of autistic children they can see is Paul Offit. While they moan and groan about Offit and other overt criminals, they abet the covert criminals who affect public opinion and prevent all of our kids from receiving the best medical care that they should have.

If you're one of the parents who has been conned by these bastards, maybe it's time to wake up and learn how to fight to win instead of following these assholes who are leading you to fight to lose.

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Tammy said...

They go on and on about how they cured autism or their child was cured. It's made things harder for me as a parent. People want to know why I haven't cured my son. My son doesn't need to be cured. He needs help being the best that he can be. There's no limits as long as we don't give up.