Monday, October 12, 2009

"Dr" Andrew Moulden and Other Scumbags

People keep questioning the fact that McMaster U told me "Dr" Moulden did not earn a degree. They've seen the degree on his Facebook site so they believe him. Well, now I have my MD degree to show everyone below. Imagine, if I knew how to use a computer and make it look good, I could make them believe I was a doctor too.

I just checked Moulden's brainguard site and found a whole new site full of brand new bullshit. It's more commercial than it used to be with all sorts of quackery for sale now.

There's one page that sells DVD's where you can buy a DVD that tells you about vaccine exemptions for a mere $45. Of course, you can go here and find out all you need to know about exemptions for free. But, some simpletons probably think it's a good idea to give a lawyer, Alan Phillips, $45 for the same information.

It seems that Moulden now works with Bright Steps Forward to cure autism by having kids where a special jacket. Wearing the jacket must do something magical to make the speech therapy they use work better. As if speech therapy ever made a brain damaged non-verbal child able to speak. This is a little different than the cure he had figured out of using special herbs but never described in his book that was partially written on his old brainguard site. He had a chapter listed there for "cure" but must have been too busy to write it.

He charges $15 to $20 for his travelling lecture show now instead of the old rate of $5. I think he has added the mother and daughter Tocco team to the playbill. These two dingbats give out ordinary information that is already well known, and freely available, and Mary made it easy to donate money to her, just click. Parents newly stuck with autism might be happy to give them some money to watch them speak. You won't learn anything that you can't find for free all over the internet though.

Moulden still makes the ridiculous claim that he can't practice medicine due to his conscience or something but he should be able to become a DAN doctor with no trouble at all. That is, if he actually had an MD degree. One would think he could sell his magical cure for autism by associating with DAN. He could even learn from Kurt Woeller how to treat patients online without bothering to see any of them instead of traipsing around the country giving lectures for $15 and helping Bright Steps Forward sell magic jackets.

Does anyone believe this guy?


johnnyb84 said...

Andrew Moulden does have a medical degree.

What he lacks is a license to practice medicine anywhere in the world.

He was training to become a psychiatrist for 8 years, but only managed to get to his 3rd year (out of 5).

He is a part time professor at a tiny, almost unknown University in New Brunswick, which has no medical school or capability of conducting research related to autism or vaccines.

He is a quack.

John Best said...

McMaster University told me he does not have the degree from them. Maybe he got his degree in a cereal box.

Unknown said...

Check andrew moulden facebook group under photos.
He has a picture of his medical degree.

He would not be allowed to enter a residency training program in Ontario without a valid medical degree. He did indeed enter a psychiatric residency, but failed miserably.

He is a complete quack, but he does, in fact, have a medical degree.

I hope your other fact checking is better than with this one...

John Best said...

Now my MD degree is on the front of the post. Do you believe I'm a doctor now?

Johnnyb84 said...

The link above shows he was in a psychiatric training program for a number of years but never completed his 5 year residency (despite having 8 years to do it).

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario is the ONLY licensing body for medical doctors in Ontario. I should know, I am a licensed medical doctor in Ontario myself.

In fact, speaking to a personal colleague, they confirmed that they knew him of him during his less than stellar attempt at completing a psychiatric residency.

The ONLY way to get a certificate of registration (ie a license, in this case what we call an educational license) is to have successfully completed medical school.

If you think that drawing your name of his medical degree somehow makes the CPSO.ON.CA web site not true, well, then you don't synthesize facts very well.

He is no doubt a crack pot, but unfortunately, he did graduate from medical school, and is therefore a medical doctor. A scary, misguided, delusional doctor, but a doctor nonetheless.

John Best said...

Sure, if you say so. But, I checked that site several times and his name was not listed...none of his multiple names. Then it all of a sudden appeared with his license being issued on the same date that it expired.

A hacker could add his name there the same way they faked a document that had him listed as a speaker at a conference in China last year. But, again, on the day the conference started, the "same" site had no mention of him at all, or the "colleagues" who were scheduled to speak with him.

Besides, after he spent a week emailing me and calling me on the phone to convince me he was legit, he basically admitted to me that he was a fraud. Believe what you want. I know the facts I checked and the lunacy I watched Moulden engage in over the last year.

Now, his cure for autism is to have kids wear a special jacket. Evidently, it has magical powers.

johnnyb84 said...

He is a fraud for sure, and a lunatic perhaps.

I doubt if he would have the ability to hack into the CPSO site, plus if he did, why would he plant such a crappy record?

He had almost two years in Ottawa, then started all over again in Toronto, and spent four years trying to complete his 3rd year out of a 5 year residency.

Wouldn't make much sense to spend a lot of time hacking a fairly secure computer system to plant that kind of dubious history.

And, as I mentioned, I personally know someone who encounter him during his lackluster attempt at completing his psychiatric residency.

I'm just trying to expose them, one quack at a time.

John Best said...

What other quacks do you expose? David Gorski? Stephen Barrett? David Kirby? Barack Obama?

Unknown said...

Moulden does have valid medical degree and was on track to qualify as a psychiatrist. But, he threw a shoe and antagonized his colleagues who ostracized him. Being on the outs with the medical good-ole-boys at the CPSO often qualifies an honest doctor for sainthood.

However, Moulden's flamboyant and erratic public behaviour are disturbing. His published writings are so obscure it's hard to see if there is some rational kernel hiding inside. This doesn't make Moulden a quack - just an annoying eccentric.

I'd hang onto my wallet around Moulden. But if he is guilty of avarice and misrepresentation how much more so are conventional doctors. Some anti-establishment people joke that Moulden is a walking "false flag" deliberately trying to make them all look ridiculous.

I know what you're thinking about that! Fair enough.


John Best said...

I guess "false-flag" is a fair equivalent to psychological warfare. It would be foolish to underestimate the resources Pharma will use to keep from losing every dime they have and risking prison, or death sentences.

The only way I'll believe that Moulden has a degree would be by doing detective work myself. Why would McMaster U. lie to me about that? I can't think of a single reason why a med school would tell me that an alleged MD did not graduate like he claims. So, I don't believe you.

If everyone who wants to vouch for Moulden wants to give me their real names, addresses and contact information, perhaps they can convince me they're telling the truth. For all I know, you're all Moulden himself making up names to try to bullshit me some more.

johnnyb84 said...

I believe the reason why McMaster did not give you accurate information is because you asked them about Andrew Moulden, when he graduated as Drew Jeffrey Andrew Moulden.

So OK detective, here is your game plan to learn the truth.

Call the CPSO
The contact information is below at the web site below.

Ask them if a person by the name of Drew Jeffrey Andrew Moulden held a certificate of registration with the CPSO in the past. If they say yes, ask them if this means he graduated from medical school and therefore is a medical doctor. If they say yes, this, I hope would convince you.

If you want, ask them he is has a medical license currently. The answer will be NO.

If you look at the summary page of the CPSO web site it actually says he graduated from McMaster in 2000.

The idea that I could be Moulden, given what I have posted on this blog, seems lacking any sense.

Have you heard him go on about himself on his videos? Did he in any of them suggest he is a failure, a fraud, a quack, a scarey misguided and delusional person? I called him all of those things.

No, he is one of the most shameless self promoters I have ever heard, and he wouldn't say those things about himself even as a pseudonom.

You seem to hold the fact that he has a medical degree as some kind of important thing. In reality, finishing medical school is only the first step of being someone that can comment with any authority on subjects such as autism or vaccines. You need much more training in order to be able to contribute intelligently to the discussion. He has no such training.

I actually thought that I might give you my contact information, but thought better of it.
You seem fixed in your belief that he is not a doctor, and I doubt if God Almight came down and said in big deep voice "ANDREW MOULDEN HAD A MEDICAL LICENSE" that you would change your mind, so I can't see how giving you my personal information would be useful.

Just call the CPSO tomorrow, and let's be done with this. It is getting tiresome actually...

johnnyb84 said...



John Best said...

Moulden uses all sorts of different combinations of his name. Would you have me believe that there is a parent someplace on Earth who would give a child two names that are the same "Drew" and "Andrew"? Do you think I would consider naming my son "Sam" "Sammy"? Get real.

I asked McMaster if they had a graduate named Andrew Moulden or some variation of that name. My guess is that they had no graduate named "Moulden" at all. Maybe he went through school named "Malden" and forgot which name he had used?

If God worked in the registrar's office at McMaster U, maybe I'd believe Him. Otherwise, I'd guess it was just an actor playing God.

I did contact the CPSO and they gave me a BS answer. Whatever excuse you want to use to support Moulden without your name and contact info is an excuse. Every excuse is bullshit. Sell it to someone more gullible.

johnnyb84 said...

I'd be interested in what "B.S." answer the CPSO gave you. Probably just what I have been saying. If you don't believe them, I don't see how giving you my information would be of any benefit.

Given what you have posted on this subject alone, I am believe if I gave you my name and contact information, you would use it in some manner that I would not find pleasing. And that I cannot allow.

Unknown said...

Moulden plays around a lot with his name. Goes with the territory.

I am offended by Moulden's hucksterish demeanor. I am no less offended by regular docs shilling for garbage. He is small potatoes; they are a public health menace.

Why see the splinter in your brother's eye and ignore the plank in your own?

No excuses for Moulden but sucking up oxygen over him given the debased state of conventional medicine seems rich. The public is showing its lack of confidence in medicine and public health over the Swine Flu vaccine. History is being made in front of you.

John Best said...

If what you have to say is honest and genuine, you should never be afraid to give your name. I choose to keep some information to myself. I'm not about to share it people who are afraid to use their names.

Moulden is associated with other liars who present false information about autism.
There are plenty of people talking about the swine flu, lots of conjecture and scary stories. Who can guess what is true. If some people learn that the mercury and aluminum in the flu shot cause autism, that's all I can hope for.

I seem to be the only one discussing my experience with this scam artist and his associates. If you can point me to someone else who elaborates on how he scams people and who he works with, I wouldn't have to bother.

John Best said...

There's just one thing I'll respond to from the last two comments that look like they came from the same place in Ottawa.

Moulden DID cross my path and tried to convince me that methods I use to cure my son of autism were useless. I wasn't about to listen to him but he showed that he was out to hurt children with autism by touting nonsense.

This bastard knows enough about using scientific terms that he can fool some people so he's dangerous. I'll admit, he had me going for a short time. Now it seems that some people are falling for his nonsense so I'll just leave my experience with him here for people to read.

It looks to me like you "two" are just part of his scam. Have a nice night.

Unknown said...


Apparently there is some entity in Ottawa (presumably 'official') that can retain parties as unalike as johnnyb84 and I to harass you as part of the international conspiracy of Mouldenites.

Have you seen the pictures of Moulden in a 'Scientology' white naval uniform? That says everything.

I guess you caught us cold Forsam. Yup. the whole external world is part of the Moulden Conspiracy. And that entire universe exists just to annoy YOU.

Lighten up and move on. There are lots more dragons to slay.


John Best said...

I moved on awhile ago. But, I keep spotting wackier claims being made about autism. I'm entitled to laugh at them, and help others appreciate the inanity that is "Dr" Moulden.

Some people believe the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I know time has elapsed since these posts but if you see this could you share what things you did to help cure your son's Autism?