Monday, September 14, 2009

Ari Ne'eman at the White House Again, and JB Handley Says Nothing

Once again, the autistic abusing Ari Ne'eman was welcomed at the White House while none of the phoney leaders from Age of Autism or the National Autissm Association have anything to say about it.

While Ne'eman seems to be able to walk into the White House and lie about autism any time he likes, people like J B Handley, David Kirby, Lenny Schafer, Dan Olmsted and Wendy Fournier don't have one word to say about how Ne'eman perverts the truth about autism. We certainly can't expect an imbecile like Jenny McCarthy to recognize the damage this does to all autistic children either.

Ne'eman is the dishonest college kid who refers to himself as autistic when he admits to only being diagnosed with Asperger's. He makes TV appearances and tells the world that he is autistic and does not want to be cured. One would think that JB Handley, founder of Generation Rescue, would be displeased that a kid like Ne'eman was misrepresenting the truth about autism and advising millions of people that autism should not be cured. We don't see Ne'eman biting himself or smearing feces as many of our autistic children do. And, unlike our kids who can't speak at all, Ne'eman is an excellent speaker who lies like a seasoned politician.

If an average guy like me who's not a multi-millionaire can see this deception with no trouble at all, you'd think a guy like Handley, who must have something on the ball to become filthy rich could also spot this deception that paints a false picture of the horror of autism to deceive the whole world with this publicity. One would think that Handley could see how this works against severely autistic kids by Ne'eman telling everyone that autism is no big deal and that there's no need to cure it. Ignoring this deception is not what you'd expect from Handley who allegedly wanted to help cure autistic kids by founding Generation Rescue. One would think that Handley would want parents of autistic kids to know that Ne'eman is intentionally misrepresenting how horrid autism is.

When Handley and the other idiots mentioned above keep letting this go by saying nothing at all, it looks like they endorse this misrepresentation. They keep up a good front by bashing Paul Offit all day long while Ne'eman talks to President Obama and cuts our childrens' throats.

Perhaps one person will read this and see the deception that is being played out by JB Handley, Wendy Fournier, Lenny Schafer, David Kirby, Rick Neubrander, Dan Olmsted and Jenny McCarthy and see how these leaders have sold out our children. One intelligent parent might let others know and, maybe we can take the reins back from these assholes and put an end to autism. I can't be the only parent of an autistic kid who can see this deception.


Anonymous said...

Can we add this fucking idiot to the insane mix of people like Ari who are speaking for kids. What the hell is going on with these people being diagnosed at 30 years old with Asperger's? What doctors are they paying off? These people aren't autistic, they are just scum of society. When will the charade of these people representing kids who are truly on the spectrum end? Who the hell gets diagnosed at 30 years old? Sickening. Getting very tired of these lowlifes.


CharlesR said...

LJ, I was diagnosed AS at age 49. AS was unknown when I was a kid, and my childhood and teen years were hell. I had slowly figured out things that most people "just know" but the effects of AS still have impact on my life. The knowledge of AS has relieved me of tons of fear and shame. A 30 year old now should have been diagnosed earlier, but many families and schools resisted it. No, it is not the same thing as severe autism (personally I do not call myself autistic), but it is very real. As with anything, there are some that don't actually have it who are thought to have it. Very few of those are intentionally faking it - they and/or doctors are mistaken.