Friday, September 11, 2009

Prayers Asked for Wendy Fournier

I tried to abide by the management maxim that I've practiced over the years of "Praise in public, punish in private" but it just wasn't possible with Wendy Fournier. There is a lesson that Mrs Fournier must learn to become an effective leader in the autism community and unfortunately, due to Wendy's stubborness, I will have to give her that lesson in public for the good of our autistic children. You see, Wendy's position has gone to her head and she is too important to bother responding to people who want to help her.

Congressman Dan Burton offered to help Wendy by giving advice on how to beat the corrupt politicians but Wendy can't even be bothered listening to it. Burton pointed out the mistakes that autism activists have made and some people have learned from it but not Wendy. When you are the leader of an organization that is not achieving its goals, it is common practice to use techniques like brainstorming to discover solutions. Good leaders know that every idea presented in brainstorming sessions should be weighed on its merits.

Leaders of autism groups who face tremendous odds in trying to defeat corrupt politicians have to become creative to achieve their goals. Employing the same strategies that have failed for ten years is simply poor management. When one refuses to even listen to solutions offered by career politicians who are on the same side of the issue, this can only be viewed as atrocious management.

A manager can accept counselling from more experienced managers when they make these errors and the experienced managers are usually happy to give that advice for the benefit of the whole group. While headstrong young managers who fail to accept advice often find themselves unemployed, those who are willing to learn may succeed by learning from their mistakes.

I was taught the same thing that Dan Burton is trying to impress on young autism leaders thirty years ago when I was working on my Master's degree. According to Congressman Burton, that knowledge still holds true. I had also observed the tactics that Rep Burton speaks of work perfectly thirty-five to forty-five years ago with Viet Nam and Civil Rights.

I hope people will say a prayer for Wendy and other young autism leaders, that they will be able to learn from more experienced people who may have real solutions to the problems they face. It's poor practice to educate people in public who seem to have honorable intentions but, for the good of the children, it sometimes becomes essential.

Hail Mary..., I hope you can show me reason to delete all of what I've had to say to you, Wendy. Children must come before pride.


bloody mary said...

Have you tried pointing a gun at her or telling her, do as I say or I will kill your family?

Foresam said...

That might be a good short term solution but I would rather try to educate these stupid mothers so they can do the right thing in the future. Maybe you have suggestions about how to educate people who think they know everything.

Maybe getting no replies from all of those emails NAA sent will help open her mind.