Sunday, April 13, 2008

NH Epidemiologist Dr Jose Montero Lies to Citizens

I read this article in the New Hampshire Union Leader from Dr Jose Montero, a state employee. This brain dead idiot is still giving out ridiculous information about autism. Here is a state employee trying to lie to us about the causes of autism. This idiot says the following: But he wants to make it clear: "There is no relationship."

"It's unfortunate that some people in their pain and in the search for a source of the illness are blaming the vaccines, which have been the most effective public health measure that we have had in the last several decades."

Yup, here we go again, a state employee who was too stupid to find a job in a real medical practice touts how wonderful vaccines are. I'm not a doctor, have no knowledge about medicine whatsoever, yet, I have been able to gain a great deal of improvement in my son's symptoms of autism simply because I can read and follow directions from competent doctors who do try to help autistic children. Those respectable doctors know that Dr Jose Montero is a blatant liar. They know this because they are helping poisoned children instead of lying about the cause of autism. We know for a fact that there is still thimerosal in vaccines. For Dr Jose Montero to tell us that it is ALL gone is a lie. He should be discharged immediately from his state job and be charged with malpractice for not telling the whole truth.

I left the following comment with the Union Leader. We'll see if the Union Leader is honest enough to publish it or if they will try to protect Dr Jose Montero's reputation.

Dr Montero is either extremely ignorant or a blatant liar.
Some of those adults who receive the flu vaccine with thimerosal are pregnant women. The thimerosal that those woman receive is more than enough to damage the brain of a fetus.
I'd also like to challenge Dr Montero to show me that every 6 month old in New Hampshire receives the thimerosal free version of the flu shot. I don't think he can do this.
We further know that Montero is a liar because vaccines are still processed with thimerosal and still do contain trace levels. Nobody seems to be able to tell us exactly how much is contained in those trace levels.
I also challenge Montero to explain to me how children have recovered from autism by removing the mercury from their brains with chelation. If mercury did not cause the autism, they certainly would not have improved by removing the mercury.
Is Montero honest enough to answer my concerns? Perhaps he'd allow us to inject him with a proportionate dose of thimerosal as our infants received to see if it has any effect on him.
I say Montero is not the least bit concerned about the well being of our kids and is just trying to protect his profession from accepting responsibility for damaging our children.

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