Sunday, April 13, 2008

Brian Deer, Chamelion

Here is an outline (click on The Complainant) of how Brian Deer went from writing about how drugs harm people to writing about how drugs that harm people don't harm people. One would suspect that a journalist who engaged in the corruption that is suggested here would be compensated clandestinely.

If England has any honest politicians, perhaps one of them will investigate this little cocksucker. If that can be accomplished, maybe the government will then look at helping children instead of helping the vaccine manufacturers.

The pdf that's linked to above is a quick 60 page read. As quickly as I can summarize it, the queer midget used to report on drugs that were proven to be harmful. Then he lied to an Irish woman named Margaret Best, with a kid who had brain damage from a vaccine, about who he was so he could investigate her. (So, here we learned that the midget is dishonest.) Then, he was linked to organizations who are associated with drug companies.

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