Saturday, April 12, 2008

Neurodiversity's Midget Goes Berserk, Brian Deer

Brian Deer, a queer associated with Neurodiversity, was acting up at the Wakefield Inquisition in England this week. As you can see in the photo, security had to manage his behavior when his behavior threatened a woman. This is an excellent article. The questions about his finances don't seem much different that Cliff Shoemaker's questions about Kathleen Seidel's finances.


Anonymous said...

But once again, there is reading at the article Mr. Best has posted..

Aside from the obvious information supplied on a very real court case and its players in the UK with rather astute commentary on its US counterpart,

one can also take from this where perhaps Mrs Seidel got the idea to attempt 'citizen journalistic privilege.'

Will Amanda Baggs be next to stake claim to this sort of 'journalistic privilege'?

Speking of, where IS Amanda Baggs' website?

Does anyone else find it odd that in in this, precious Autism Awareness Month, and while the rest of their camp have been quite vocal on behalf of the Seidels, there is Baggs, who continues to serenely prattle on at her usual high rate of verbosity at her other usual website haunts makes no mention of her absence page, and that nobody on any of them is openly asking after it?

Commentary from Baggs on the Seidel situation are also quite noticeably absent, as are any queries directly to her on the matter.

Then too, what of "Droopy's" right to 'citizen journalistic privilege'?
What of Mr Best's?

Anonymous said...

Apparently at the beginning of the defence he stopped for 15 minutes to abuse some parents outside the GMC.

Foresam said...

Yes, where's Baggs? I'll bet Seidel told her to lay low for awhile.

Dave Seidel was kind enough to let us know that Kathleen was helping Baggs fix her medical records. Maybe Kathleen is helping Amanda with her financial records now before Shoemaker can get his hands on them.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Baggs jumped ship so she would not get dragged down with Seidel.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure "fixing" meant burning or shredding. But with a subpeona, copies can be gotten.

Besides, her history was detailed as it happened on Usenet groups, by Amanda herself, and many many copies remain with many many people. Her details about schizophrenia, her mother's falsification of records, the factitious disorder diagnosis, the faked MPD, these things are not going to ever go missing.

Amanda is the Anna Anderson* of autism. And like Anna Anderson, she is popular and romanticized in newspapers, but will ultimately be discovered and disgraced and be a mockery. We only have to wait.

* Anna Anderson was a woman who fraudulently claimed to be Anastasia, Russian Princess for many years. It was her "career." She often "explained" problems in her history as "difficulty with memory", just like Amanda. Google and see.

Anonymous said...

Finally, though, at least CNN added that she used to talk and attended a gifted school. That must've taken enough of us to get that small admission in the news.

Anonymous said...

I read the transcript of Finding Amanda last night. Gupta still claims Baggs was diagnosed with autism at age 14 not schizophrenia. He insists she was in and out of instituions which implied she was in them as a young child. He said that while she could speak her speech made no sense and was often just echolalia. How could she have gone to college if she 'rarely made eye contact' and 'repeated other peoples speech.' That is strange behaviour which would have been picked up years before. He implied she was put in restraint in the institution, because she was autistic not because she was schizphrenic and out ofher mind.

I would still like to know the whole truth here because I was taken in by her story for a long time. I do not like wasting my sympathy onpeople who don't deserve it.

Foresam said...

Gupta is just a liar. CNN was told the truth about Baggs and chose to ignore it.

Anonymous said...

Essentially if someone disagrees with your ideas you hurl abuse at them? This seems to be the pattern here and at oneclick, not to mention the rest of the antivaccination movement. It's bizarre.

Foresam said...

Don't know what one click is but I don't put up with any crap from liars who try to disseminate bad information about autism.

Anonymous said...

"Essentially if someone disagrees with your ideas you hurl abuse at them? This seems to be the pattern here and at oneclick, not to mention the rest of the antivaccination movement. It's bizarre."

Two sites on the internet in a sea of neurodiversity sites that do exacly that to all parents who try to help thier kids with chelation, diets, suppliments, etc. A bit biased and uninformed on recent research aren't you.


Anonymous said...

I see that Amanda(a beautiful mind) Baggs has her blog back up and is advertizing Kathleen Seidel t.shirts. The woman just never gives up, does she? I wonder what it was that was urgent she remove from her blog. The timing with the subpeona was too coincidental. Something went missing there.