Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The End of Neurodiversity

This video features the new look for the Neuroinsanity Movement. Now that virtually all pediatricians have agreed to treat autistic children, the insanity of allowing them to rot will no longer be accepted as worthy of consideration by anyone. The video begins with a close up of Kevin Leitch and gradully includes close ups of all the anonymous nitwits. I believe the extremely crazed looking people here are Dave Seidel, wifey and Autism Diva. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Just doing a quick scan on the usual suspects - not a word on this. I guess they are trying to formulate a plan of attack but really, what can they do?

Is it time to feel sorry for their pathetic existence? Does Leitch deserve forgiveness, for example, since he seems to just parrot the press releases from Pharma? He did have some sense at one point, and maybe he just got lost, like the AAP.

Or are they all just assholes that deserve public ridicule for the rest of their lives.

Foresam said...

I decided not to let them vandalize this blog anymore so I've deleted about 30 comments today.

You'd hope the nitwits would learn from this and help their kids. You really can't blame them for being stupid.

Anonymous said...

Still no postings from some of the major ones. What they seem to be doing is ignoring it and attacking other peripheral things, like Jenny McCarthy, like they have done forever.

They're becoming more irrelevant by the moment, like a pile of dog shit washed away by the rain. The stink will still be faintly there but it won't get on anyone's shoes anymore.


Brody said...

What exactly is the evidence for the statement "virtually all pediatricians have agreed to treat autistic children," and what do you mean by "treat autistic children"? Surely you don't mean that until recently, many pediatricians would look at such a child and say, "Oh, you have autism - NEXT!" If you mean to say that "virtually all pediatricians have agreed to treat autistic children for signs of mercury poisoning" (which is what I expect from subsequent statements), then I definitely want to hear what kind of evidence you've got for that.

Foresam said...

I was thrown out of two different hospitals after having my son brought in, strapped to a stretcher, to stop him from biting himself. The doctors assigned to his case both declared that they would not treat autism and refused to even examine him to try to find out why he was biting himself.
One of those hospitals sent a social worker to talk to us because they were concerned about abuse. However, they refused to question the Governor of New Hampshire for his child abuse by refusing to pay for the treatment autistic children need. After I educated this idiot about autism, I went home since my son had finally calmed down.

The other hospital called in a psychiatrist who decided to drug my son into oblivion with seroquel. No effort was made to determine the cause of the biting.

The AAP agreed to work with DAN last week. DAN treats childern with chelation.