Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ABA for Autism Is Pointless

There are thieves all over the USA who are selling Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) as a cure for autism.  It does not work and you should not waste your money, your insurance company's money or your valuable time on this nonsense.
 Autism is caused by mercury and the only way to cure it is to remove mercury from the brain with Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA). Since the medical profession who caused the autism by shooting mercury into our babies with vaccines doesn't want you to know this, they support crazed, expensive and useless therapies like ABA to try to deflect blame away from themselves.
 The largest supporter of ABA is the corrupt charity, Autism Speaks. Autism Speaks was founded by a former executive from General Electric. GE owns their own thimerosal manufacturing facility. Thimerosal is the mercury compound in vaccines that caused the autism epidemic.
 This corrupt founder of Autism Speaks helped his daughter use chelation to try to cure his autistic grandson.  He doesn't publicize that though and Autism Speaks advises people that chelation doesn't work and is dangerous. Since those of us who used chelation to cure our children know that this advice from Autism Speaks is completely false and misleading, we don't have to wonder why this bogus charity refuses to tell the truth about autism. It's obvious that they are protecting the medical industry by lying to parents of autistic children.
 Autism Speaks has been campaigning all over the country to force legislation down the throats of the unwitting public to compel insurance companies to pay for ABA. They know ABA can't possibly cure any autistic children so they used some very sneaky propaganda to change the definition of autism. By changing the definition of autism to include children who merely have Asperger's syndrome, Autism Speaks and the thieves who sell ABA can show that ABA works.
 ABA is a torturous behavioral tool that abuses children much worse than any beatings that they may have received to modify their behavior when I was young. Disabled children whose behavior is challenging due to the mercury that causes their brains to function improperly are browbeaten for hours upon hours by "therapists" until they "learn" to behave the way the therapist wants them to behave. Where a few smacks with a belt might have produced improved behavior years ago, children are now psychologically "whipped" into compliance. This does absolutely nothing to address the mercury that causes their brains to malfunction but it can produce acceptable behavior in high functioning "autistic" kids. And, this torture does not have permanent effects to remedy unwanted behavior.
 For confirmation of my opinion, I cite this brilliant essay by the eminent autistic research scientist, Michelle Dawson who states: "In the early 90's, a trio of children with autistic behaviours got the full ABA treatment from the very best, including Dr Lovaas. He, Tristram Smith, and Morten Klevstrand reported on the results in 1995. The treatment was an utter failure; the one girl who showed any progress in any area concurrently regressed so drastically in others that the authors seemed actually distressed. The children, who started with low intelligence scores, finished untestable after thousands of hours of intensive behaviour intervention. They did not recover or become indistinguishable from peers designated as typical." One may also find countless examples of autistic adults who liken ABA to torture. They understand that their brains work differently and they don't want to be trained like circus animals into acting in a manner that happens to please society but forces them to act against their own desires. Of course, most of these adults also don't comprehend the fact that their brains don't work properly due to mercury poisoning but that's another story.
 The point I hope parents learn about ABA here is that it can't do anything at all to address brain damage caused by mercury. The only thing that can address that damage is chelation to remove the mercury and, after the mercury is removed, a number of various methods to address damage that may be permanent. Ask questions if you'd like to know more.

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