Sunday, November 25, 2012

Flu Shots Proven to Prevent Autism

We now know the reason why autism happens to siblings. Autism comes from a virus found in cows and it is contagious. This explains why cows are among the dumbest of animals. Further research has shown that mercury in vaccines kills the cow virus and helps people to live healthy lives. Get your vaccines today and stop listening to the fools on the internet. A vaccine every year puts enough mercury in you to keep killing this virus.

Dr Ludlow Q Swift, working with a grant from The Tavistock Institute discussed his findings on a radio program this morning.  He said that once the virus infects the brain, a cure is not possible but that behavioral interventions could ameliorate some symptoms.    Swift said he is retiring and didn't want to bother writing the details for any scientific journals but that he wanted to let everyone know this vital new information.


Anonymous said...

Dosent that contradict your belief that mercury causes autism???

Foresam said...

LOL, thanks for the laugh.