Friday, June 28, 2013

Carol Shea-Porter, Useless and Dangerous to Babies

Here is my US Rep's reply about autism and my response to her.

Dear Mr. Best,

Thank you for contacting my office about H.R.1757, the Vaccine Safety Study Act. I 
appreciate your thoughts and welcome the opportunity to respond.

The Vaccine Safety Study Act would conduct a study on the health outcomes of vaccinated 
populations versus unvaccinated populations in the United States in order to determine 
whether autism and certain other health conditions are related to vaccination status.

This is a topic that has been studied extensively in both publicly and privately funded 
studies. The Institute of Medicine's Immunization Safety Review Committee conducted a 
three-year independent review that concluded there is no evidence for a causal link 
between autism and vaccines. I believe that the limited public funding currently 
available for health research should go toward work of clear scientific value, instead of 
to the costly, replicative study that this bill proposes. 

H.R.1757 has been referred to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Subcommittee on 
Health. I will not support this bill should it come before the full House for a vote.

To learn about current legislation or about my voting record, I invite you to visit the 
Library of Congress legislative information website ( There, you can find 
the full text of a bill or a summary, who introduced it and when, who is cosponsoring it, 
and where it is in the legislative process. I also invite you to visit my website (http:// for more information about bills that I have introduced or 
cosponsored, and for issue updates, position statements, or to sign up for my email 

Thank you again for contacting my office. It is a privilege to serve you in Washington.


Carol Shea-Porter
Member of Congress
P.S. You can also connect with me by visiting my official Facebook page 
( and Twitter feed (

The IOM conducted their fraudulent inquiry about 10 years ago.  They had been 
instructed by the CDC what to find before they ever looked at the evidence.  The fact 
remains that we began to cure autism in 2000 by chelating mercury out of the brain with 
Alphs Lipoic Acid.  My son is one of those autistic kids who improved greatly from 
chelation, although he is not yet cured.  He no longer smears feces all over my house.  
He no longer bites himself into a bloody mess.  He no longer bashes his head through 
walls and he no longer tries to bolt into traffic.  He is now a happy 16 year old.  I 
went through hell and so did my son and the rest of my family because you corrupt, bribed 
scumbags in Congress refused to pay any attention to the truth.  You useless pieces of 
garbage are still allowing babies to have their brains mangled by mercury and you should 
be ashamed of yourself for abetting this crime.  The mercury in flu shots to pregnant 
women gives the fetus 200 times the dose of mercury that is allegedly safe.  This causes 
more autism and causes spontaneous miscarriages.  You have a lot of nerve sending me this 
letter full of pure bullshit instead of telling the truth to protect babies from the 
nightmare known as autism.  Please get your moronic head out of your ass and do the right 
John Best
Londonderry, NH


Cow_tipping said...

Hi John,
I have stayed away from the whole autismweb insanity just to keep my life together. The treatment protocol form my son - On lupron has been continued 4 years after they railroaded Dr Geier, because our local endocrinologist thought it was correct for him - ha, imagine that, and imagine this, our insurances - 4 different ones, both employer provided and ones we bought have all approved it with not a single question practically.
And its scheduled to be stopped on his 11th birthday in 2 months. The Neuro-diverse-retards on Autism web have no clue about how effective it is if you unlink testosterone and mercury and let your body's glutathione work.
Anyway glad to see you are still going on with the blog and the good fight.
My son is turning to be good at math at school, and is mainstreamed and seems to be having no issues.

John Best said...

Hi Srinath, Glad to hear the good results. I don't write much about autism now. I write about solving the problem politically at Autism Fraud and on Facebook. Don't look at Autism Web either, it's probably the same jerks insulting each other.