Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Tim Bolen is a psychological warfare agent who claims that he and his group of liars are going to take over the autism community's opposition to vaccines. Tim knows that the only way to stop Congress from causing autism is for We the People to fire the bribed liars and replace them with decent people. I explained this to Tim and he's not really as stupid as he acts so I know he understands it. Tim pretends to disagree with Thomas Jefferson's order to us to throw off a corrupt government. He pretends that the Declaration of Independence doesn't exist, as do all controlled opposition liars who help our corrupt politicians stay in office.
Instead of being honest and uniting the autism community against our domestic enemies in Congress, Tim Bolen tries to convince people that it's more useful to argue with mentally challenged trolls who support the vaccine industry. That's what Tim says in all of his writings. He encourages the autism community to argue amongst themselves so he can lead these parents away from ever uniting against Congress. You have to read between the words and look for the lie of omission to find lots of controlled opposition liars. When they help Congress abuse us by refusing to oppose them, everything else they say is just a distraction. 

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