Sunday, December 25, 2016

Autism Parents, Dumbest Fucks Ever

Only rank imbeciles would help Del Bigtree and Andrew Wakefield abet the CDC so they can cause more autism.  That's what all of the jackass parents who support these liars are doing.

I think these parents are mostly just extra stupid and do not do this with malicious intent.  However, those who lead the victims are not that dumb.

Autism is caused by mercury.  It is not caused by the MMR shot.  Wakefeield, Bigtree and Dr Thompson know this.  That's why the lying cocksuckers hardly ever mention thimerosal while they fail to warn pregnant women of the extreme hazard of flu shots with the full dose of mercury in them.

Every time these assholes speak, they are thus lying by omission.  Anyone who talks about autism without mentioning mercury is lying.  Can any of the idiot parents of autistic kids learn this simple fact?  I doubt it.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Own the United States

The owners of the U.S. are being ruled by our servants.  We were brainwashed into believing that we have to take crap from our elected criminals.  Nobody understands that we have the power to fire all of them and go back to using common sense to solve problems.  Common sense works better than bribery and lying to the whole country.  I think we should try it.

Saturday, November 01, 2014


Autism is caused by Congress working together with vaccine manufacturers to damage the brains of babies with mercury. The object of this crime is merely to lower the IQs of the population by a few points to "dumb down" the masses so they won't revolt. The severe brain damage known as autism is just collateral damage that happens to those children who can not excrete the mercury. Naturally, our corrupt Congress tried to cover up this crime against us. Psychological warfare agents were hired to prevent the parents of the victims from receiving compensation and they did a superb job of leading the victims to ask Congress to grant them relief so that it was easy for Congress to say "NO". The crime of poisoning babies with mercury continues unabated.
Now, we have the solution. All it requires is for parents to sever their associations with any and all autism groups on the internet and simply remove the criminals from our corrupt government. Then we can put ourselves in their places and solve all of the problems they caused. This is easier than it might sound since we only need 3% of the population to join in and then the rest of the country will see how corrupt our government is and they will all join in. The link here will seem unrelated to autism but it's a key to uniting the country to stop all of the criminal actions by Congress and the other thieves in our government. If you want to solve autism, you have to run away from all of the phony leaders who have led you to lose all of these years. Ask questions.  Read this.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Tim Bolen is a psychological warfare agent who claims that he and his group of liars are going to take over the autism community's opposition to vaccines. Tim knows that the only way to stop Congress from causing autism is for We the People to fire the bribed liars and replace them with decent people. I explained this to Tim and he's not really as stupid as he acts so I know he understands it. Tim pretends to disagree with Thomas Jefferson's order to us to throw off a corrupt government. He pretends that the Declaration of Independence doesn't exist, as do all controlled opposition liars who help our corrupt politicians stay in office.
Instead of being honest and uniting the autism community against our domestic enemies in Congress, Tim Bolen tries to convince people that it's more useful to argue with mentally challenged trolls who support the vaccine industry. That's what Tim says in all of his writings. He encourages the autism community to argue amongst themselves so he can lead these parents away from ever uniting against Congress. You have to read between the words and look for the lie of omission to find lots of controlled opposition liars. When they help Congress abuse us by refusing to oppose them, everything else they say is just a distraction.