Friday, February 17, 2017

Superbly Skilled Liars, RFK, Jr, et al

These are the "heroes" who lie to the autism community and lead them to lose to the bribed liars in Congress.  These liars know that the Rothschild family controls the media and no announcement will reach the public without their approval.  So, they stage an effort to appeal to the press when they know that there is zero chance of any media outlet ever presenting the truth.

Naturally, the victims of mercury poisoning will sit back and do nothing at all while the lower level liars who lead them encourage them to support the famous liars.  This is the ploy of giving them false hope while they wait forever (something they have been doing since 1999) for some famous "savior" to lead them to the promised land.

Autism parents are discouraged from taking any action themselves.  Liars like Ginger Taylor do not want the victims to know that they can take matters into their own hands and do things like this:

Ginger Taylor threw me out of the Canary Party for posting this picture to encourage victims to stand up for themselves and sway public opinion themselves instead of waiting for "saviors" to do that for them.  This is what leads the victims of mercury poisoning, sneaky, lying scoundrels who will do anything at all to try to prevent victims from standing up for themselves.

These are the lying leaders who go berserk promoting the fraudulent "whistleblower", Dr Thompson who identifies the wrong cause of autism and purposely acts like a fool when he states that mercury causes tics.  Dr Thompson does not state unequivocally that mercury causes autism, something we have known since 1999.

RFK Jr tells the truth about mercury.  But, where does it go?  It goes back to the victims who consider him a hero while the rest of the world learns virtually nothing because Rothschild owns the media and the information never reaches them.

The victims can't wait for RFK Jr to publicize the matter and solve the problem for them.  That isn't going to happen because RFK Jr brings the problem to the people who perpetrated the crime against our babies.  He knows that the 535 bribed liars in Congress will never admit the truth, that they will cover it up forever.  He knows that those bribed liars will never do anything to take back our freedom of speech from the Rothschild family who owns TV so that honest people can tell the world the truth.  But, he sounds sincere presenting the problem.  So, the victims trust him.

Nobody Is telling the victims that they are the authorities.  The victims are part of we the people, the highest authority in the USA.  The victims are too brainwashed to understand that.  They believe that politicians and TV newscasters are the authorities.  They believe they should trust lawyers who lie to the public every time they open their slimy mouths.  The victims don't understand that lawyers, Congress and corrupt judges are always working together to abet the crime of poisoning babies with mercury, as well as countless other crimes against we the people.

None of the "heroes" presented by RFK Jr will tell the victims that they can unite to form an unstoppable force by which they can sway public opinion and provoke the hanging of all 535 elected enemies in Congress as well as the criminals on the Supreme Court.

Our Constitution states that we are entitled to a jury trial in all matters over $20.  The crime of poisoning babies with mercury is certainly fraud by every member of our 100% corrupt government which means there is no statute of limitations on that crime.  None off the liars who lead the victims will address the matter in this fashion.  They convince victims that we have to take the abuse from Congress that created the kangaroo vaccine court.  We don't.  We the people have the power to overturn that.  When we unite, we have the power to hang Congress for this long train of abuses against our children and award everyone just compensation for what these psychopaths did to them.

The crime of causing autism has been intentional.  Congress authorized the crime to continue.  Will any victims learn the power we have to end this abuse.  That power does not rest with celebrities.  That power rests with our numbers by which we can overwhelm the elected criminals and end all of their abuse against us.  Perhaps some victims will think about this and stop blindly following liars.  We have to lead ourselves.

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