Wednesday, February 01, 2017


Given:  All attorneys are enemy combatants waging a war of subversion against we the people.

You can't disagree with this fact  but I know that won't stop lots of ignorant people from laughing.  Gorsuch is just another scumbag attorney who will join the other eight lying scumbags who sit on the SCOTUS unlawfully to abuse we the people and destroy what's left of our freedom.

Attorneys all swear allegiance to the British Crown, the owners of the BAR association when they pass the BAR exam.  The British Crown has always been an enemy of we the people.  It says so in the Declaration of Independence.  In the last paragraph, it states that we absolved ourselves from all allegiance to the British Crown.  That includes their subsidiary group of liars and thieves known as the BAR association.

This infestation of our government by attorneys is espionage and treason.  It has been ongoing since the days when the Constitution was written so it is accepted by the masses as a status quo that we can't do anything about.

TV has brainwashed the country into thinking that we have to have people schooled in the "law" to interpret our laws and make decisions for us.  TV has warped our minds so that the masses will always argue about whether the enemy lawyers on the SCOTUS are liberals or conservatives.  The masses don't know that the liars who lead the liberals and conservatives are all enemies of we the people who distract people into worrying about nonsense while lawyers are helping the owners of the Federal Reserve rob everyone in the country.

That's what everything in politics is about, abetting the robbery by the owners of the Federal Reserve.  That's why no democrat or republican will ever tell the truth about the national robbery.

When people who had their children's brains mangled by mercury in vaccines talk about the horror of autism, they're unknowingly abetting the robbery too.  Why won't they talk about the criminals in Congress who take bribes to abet the Federal Reserve's existence?  Why won't they discuss how they have the option to remove those 535 criminals in Congress, thus stopping them from authorizing the poisoning of more babies with mercury?

What does this have to do with Neil Gorsuch?  Gorsuch is going to keep his slimy mouth shut about how the criminals who own the Federal Reserve also own the TV networks.  He is thus going to allow those liars to continue usurping our freedom of speech by refusing to ever tell the country the truth about how mercury causes autism on their TV networks.  This clearly violates the first amendment which guarantees all of us the right to address the nation and tell each other the truth about how corrupt our government is.

We do not have freedom of speech.  If we did, I could go on TV, explain the simple facts regarding mercury in vaccines and we could order our government to arrest everyone for fraud who publicly lies about this.  TV is not something that can be owned by anyone.  It is a national resource, just like the Grand Canyon and it must be available to all of us, except for obvious degenerate liars like Paul Offit.

Do you want the truth on TV?  Then you have to understand the deception inherent to the "legal" industry that continues to foist enemies of we the people on us to sit on the SCOTUS and interpret our laws.  You have the power to stop this abuse of our freedom.  If you won't embrace that attitude and talk about it openly, the abuse will never end.

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