Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Meltdowns and the Moronic Autism Parents

Meltdowns in autistic children are a horror that we can only watch and eventually stop with drugs.  We have to watch our children suffer some pain.  They can't speak to tell us what sort of pain it is.  We are helpless and hopeless.

We parents could solve the problem but I'm the only parent in the country who will even mention the solution.  We have to drag every member of Congress into the street and hang them for treason.  The autism parents are too damn stupid to be able to understand that we have the right to do this.  So, our autistic kids will always suffer.

If parents any brains at all, they would unite and stop Congress from causing autism.  Then they would seize TV and enlist honest people with medical knowledge who could stop the meltdowns and tell everyone in the country how to do that.  I have watched my kid endure thousands of meltdowns.  So have lots of other parents.  Why are those parents too damn stupid to do something to stop this horror that was all caused by Congress?


Unknown said...

You are a true human scum with your tinfoil hattery, disinformation, pseudoscience and bigotry towards autists.

John Best said...

Sauna Jaako, Calling me names is a superb display of your IQ. Why don't you ask someone to help you refute anything I said with reasoning and argument?