Tuesday, February 07, 2017


Most Americans don't understand that the most dangerous terrorists we face are the espionage agents from the BAR association.  Attorneys have always been the enemies of humanity, working hand and hand with the banksters to control the rest of us and destroy our freedom.

This is why our Founders absolved us from all allegiance to the British Crown when we declared our independence from Great Britain.  The British Crown owns the BAR association and thus controls all of the lawyers.  The banksters who own the British Crown also own the Federal Reserve, the IRS, the TV networks and our elected enemies in Congress who commit treason against us every day.

Because the banksters own TV, they can order Trump to issue a travel ban against Muslims and then spend all day brainwashing the country into believing that Muslims are terrorists.  Meanwhile, the liars on TV never explain the crimes that lawyers commit against us every day.

The favorite crime of the lawyers is counterfeiting.  They are all superbly trained to lie about this so Americans have no idea that all of our money is counterfeit.  It all comes down to this from article 1, section 8, clause 5 of the Constitution which states: "Congress shall have the power to coin money".  Nowhere in the Constitution does it say that Congress can take bribes to sell this power to the owners of the Federal Reserve.  But, that's what Congress has been doing every day since 1913 when they passed the Federal Reserve Act.

A Congress that has the power to create money has no need to ever borrow money from anyone.  So, you can put aside all of the "conspiracy theory" nonsense, use a little common sense and see that the USA can not possibly have a national debt when we can create all the money we want without creating any debt.  When you grasp this, you will see that our national "debt" is really a robbery that is being managed by the bribed liars in Congress.

It doesn't cost the Federal Reserve anything when they create money out of nothing.  They print it with nothing of value to back it up, loan it to Congress and then everyone in the country has to work to earn money to pay the taxes to cover that fraudulent debt.  If we had an honest Congress, they could print money too, same as the Federal Reserve and nobody would ever have to pay any taxes to pay back that money because the money already belongs to all of us.  Congress is just a group of servants who are supposed to manage that money honestly.  Their job is to obey us.  Instead, they have lawyers lying to us continuously about everything and lawyers working as judges to subvert everything in the Constitution that is supposed to protect us from a rogue government.

Most people believe that they have to consult a lawyer when dealing with matters involving the "law" that are too complicated to figure out for themselves.  In reality, our law says that government derives its power from the consent of the governed.  So, you have to ask yourself if you consent to being robbed by lying lawyers and bribed politicians.  Do you consent to having your babies poisoned with mercury in vaccines because Congress took bribes to grant the Medical industry immunity while they cover up that crime too?

Do you consent to Donald Trump, the TV game show host, hiring terrorists to destroy your country and lie to you about it?  If not, you need to open your mouth and explain the crimes that the BAR association is committing against us to everyone you can.  And, stop trusting lawyers.  All of them are well-paid liars who never tell the truth about anything.

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