Saturday, February 04, 2017

It's Lawful To Shoot Congress

If our military and our police were doing their jobs, they would have shot every member of Congress a long time ago.  I don't think the public understands that all 535 bribed liars in Congress are enemy combatants waging a war of subversion against we the people.

Congress is infinitely worse than the Japanese who bombed Pearl Harbor because Congress isn't attacking us with bullets.  If they were, we could shoot back, no questions asked.  Congress attacks with lies and deception.  They took bribes to authorize the poisoning of our babies with mercury in vaccines.  They took bribes to sell the power to create money to the owners of the Federal Reserve, thus robbing every person in the country, every day of our lives.

Our top Generals and Admirals can't truly be so stupid that they don't understand this.  Those men are traitors.  They took an oath to defend us from domestic enemies like Congress and they refuse to honor that oath.  They are all a disgrace to their uniforms.

Nothing is going to change until the public asserts themselves as the true authorities in this country and unites to order our cops and military to take out Congress, the Supreme Court and the President.  This will probably never happen because the public has been too dumbed down to take control.  But, that's the solution.  If you want the poisoning of babies to stop, it's up to all of you to open your mouths and assert the authority you have.  If you refuse to do that, Congress will continue to destroy our freedom.

When a mere 3% will assert themselves and give that order publicly to shoot all of our elected bribed liars, the rest of the population will follow.  Will you be part of the 3% or will you help Congress abuse all of us by keeping your mouth shut?

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