Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Neurodiversity Sham

The Neurodiversity Sham
There is no such thing as neurodiversity. There is only mercury poisoning. There is no different wiring, although many of those who call themselves neurodiverse do act like robots. Some of these weirdos may be bothered by a small ammount of mercury while others are simply nerds.
Neurodiversity claims to be something associated with autism. This is simply false. Autism is a debilitating condition. No person with autism could possibly write the pseudo-intellectual musings that come forth from the pens of this batch of lunatics. Asperger's Syndrome is another story.
Asperger's is simply indicative of those who are less affected by mercury than those with full blown autism. The sham is the crazed notion that anyone so affected should take pride in their condition. Having a brain that is being rotted by mercury is nothing to be proud of. Yet, the mantra of the neurodiverse seems to be that one should never attempt to cure these conditions. These poor souls have mercury impeding their thought processes so they buy into the nonsense that is sold by the medical profession. They aren't cognizant enough to understand that they have been lied to by all those who are in positions to cure their social ineptitude. The leaders of this sham have convinced the hordes that they would be losing a part of themselves by being cured. The hordes have been told that mercury plays no role in any Autistic Spectrum condition so they believe it. So they go about the business of spreading their deranged mantra to try to prevent sane people from helping their children.
Would any sane person spread such nonsense? I don't think a parent would knowingly inject mercury into their child, causing brain damage and not expect to be locked up for a long time. Yet, here we have the neurodiverse leaders telling us that, after the medical profession poisons kids, it is a bad idea to help the kids. Just because the medical profession lies about this and the neurodiverse idiots believe them is no reason for any sane person to listen to this crap. Any parent who has been sucked in by neurodiverse nonsense should think again. Their high faluting rhetoric is harming children. The neurodiverse should all be forced to undergo chelation so they might be able to think straight.