Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Improvement from Chelation for Sam

Thanks to chelation, Sam has now learned to use expression in his face. The blank face and lifeless eyes that we were so used to are gone. Sam is slowly joining the human race by participating in this facial interaction.

The only expression Sam ever showed clearly was anger and pain. Sometimes his lower lip would stick out when he was in some sort of agony and I'd have to restrain myself from going to visit his pediatrician with a bat. This helpless child was hurting very badly and the man who poisoned him would do nothing to help. All he would do was lie about the effects of mercury. These were the times I'm glad I'm an older parent. If I had had to watch my son endure this while I was in my twenties, I'd have gone after the doctor with the bat a long time ago.

Sam's facial expresion is curious. It's like a two year old learning this on a ten year old face and the expressions are exagerated, you can't help but laugh.

We are also done with sippy cups. Sam would routinely unscrew the top of the cup and dump his drink on the floor when he had had enough. Now, he has learned to dump what he doesn't want in the sink. He also unscrews the cap from soda bottles, takes a swig and puts the cap back on instead of dumping the rest of the bottle on the floor. Progress, I'll worry about proper manners with this later.

One other area of improvement lately, Sam can now throw a pretty good punch and he's wrestling better. He tackled a 300 pound bus monitor, knocked him on the floor. Sam is only about 110 pounds. This behavior will, of course, have to be modified but it's good to see that Sam will fight for himself instead of crying about tolerance and respect like some other autistic people who don't want to be cured. Learning to fight is much better than learning to cry.


Anonymous said...

Great to hear about Sam's improvements John. It is good to hear he is learning to fight and wrestle. It is something I have been trying to teach my boy too. He is about 40kgs and nine years of age. I have taught him to be self-confident and who to go to if he gets bullied, etc. If all else fails I would not be at all concerned about him using his size and weight to beat crap out of ant bully who decided to pick on him.
I know that I was pick on very badly at school and was social too inept to know what to do or say, and just used to take it. It was only when I started to physically fight back that it made any difference.
I think you are doing well as a parent and wish you all the best in Sam's improvement.


Jonsmum said...

Happy christmas Sam!.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful. What about pictures then?

John Best said...

Ross and Jonsmum, thanks. Fighting is good for kids.

Anon; Don't have the equipment to put up pictures.

Jonsmum said...

"Anon; Don't have the equipment to put up pictures."

I wanted to send pictures of my son to you, Kevin C and Rossco, via e-mail, but I don't have the 'equipment' either!

Anonymous said...

What 'bout Henn?
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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas everyone...

KC's Blog said...

Have a great holiday Sam and John!