Sunday, January 20, 2008

Playing Poker With the Enemy

Parents of mercury poisoned children have some well-intentioned but naive leaders. They also have some very large egos with which better educated people can not reason. One tactic that could produce an atmosphere that could accomodate their education is to blast them publicly, wait for them to respond and use that opportunity to give them the information they never learned in school or in life. Unfortunately for poisoned children, these self-appointed geniuses just don't have the guts to even respond.

That creates a dilemna. How is possible to reach these poorly educated leaders? They either throw you off their forums or delete your posts when you try to help them. They have decided they know all there is to know about finding a solution to the worst crime in the history of Earth. They don't want to listen to anyone who has the true solution. However, here we sit, watching judges toss out evidence while everyone sits around and does nothing. The geniuses have failed.

The surest way to lose at poker is to play on the home field of your opponent, with his rules, his cards and all the Aces stuffed up his sleeves. Yet this is exactly what the leaders here are doing. They are courting politicians looking for favors without any bribe money. They think deluging politicians with phone calls, faxes and emails will convince the pol's to do the right thing. It has not crossed their minds that all of this is just a bother that is easily deleted or tossed in the trash. Then these people who were fortunate enough to shake the politician's hand come back and tell us how wonderful they are and how they are certain they will do the right thing for our children. Now, ask these geniuses if the politician has said one word in public stating the truth we all know, that thimerosal caused the autism epidemic. Who thinks I'll be deluged with comments letting me know that this has happened countless times?

Let's look at the argument to obfuscation here. The argument to obfuscation is the claim by the government that science shows no correlation between thimerosal and autism. The government just proved this argument again by their judge refusing to hear evidence. He used a carefully worded rule that allowed him to toss out all of the evidence, give preference to government scientists and declare that thimerosal does not cause autism. The special rule that allows him to avoid hearing the evidence ensures that no jury hears the evidence and there is no chance that a jury could screw up the government's case by determining the truth of the matter. It's foolproof. The government can not lose in court when they hold the judges and the rules in their pocket. No matter how valid any argument presented by lawyers for injured kids is, the government employee judge just tosses it out.

Here's where we have decided to chase our tails some more by playing by the government's rules. The consensus seems to be that a study of vaccinated versus unvaccinated will prove our case. How much time will this take? How much will it cost? Once it's done, how long will it take to arrange a court case where it will be heard? Will the same rules for expert witnesses still be in place? Will even better rules that favor the government have been dreamed up and approved by Congress by then to make it even more difficult for expert witnesses to present their case to a jury? Will the government shove such a case into vaccine court where there is no jury and, you guessed it, a government employee Special Master goes through the motions of listening to another case that he has already been instructed how to decide?

In the meantime, during these years, how many more of our children will die by accident, or by muirder of more parents who will "snap", or by being restrained too harshly in institutions? The institutions are going to be way overloaded with our kids by the time any of this might be heard by a Kangaroo court. I don't think they will handle it very well.

Again, in the meantime, how many of us will waste countless hours arguing against propaganda experts who can toss all sorts of drug company studies at us and drive us crazy trying to refute them? Who knows that all of the propaganda experts are having a great time wasting our time and causing us to argue among ourselves? Who also knows that these arguments are designed to distract us from the fact that the only argument worth having is why the government won't tell the truth?

All of the trumped up science is just a diversion. The government already knows we have the answers. They know we are curing our kids. So, why do our leaders think it makes sense to join any government committee that will do absolutely nothing besides wasting more of our time?

The government and Pharma are criminals. They have sucked our leaders into a high stakes poker game that they have zero chance of winning. They are playing us for suckers and our leaders just keep drawing 3 cards to inside straights. And, every time they get lucky and fill one of those straights, the government just slips those Aces out of their sleeves. Judge Stuart Berger was holding 4 of those Aces.

Who knows how this is going to play out? Have any of our leaders figured it out? I'll tell you. This will drag on for 20, 30 or 40 more years. Most of us will be dead. Future generations will have all been poisoned by thimerosal. Their IQ's will dwindle down to below average and nobody will be capable of continuing the battle. Of course, children of the elite will have never had any thimerosal and their IQ's will be fine. They will run the country and the rest will all fall in line like good little sheep. Nobody will be able to think well enough to question anything. The price of alcohol and marijuana will be kept low so all of the riff raff will be able to afford to get high whenever they want and they won't be tempted to question anything the government does.

If you've read this far, do you think it's time to begin gaining an education by reading about Martin Luther King, H Rap Brown, Angela Davis and Abby Hoffman? Don't bother me with any questions if this makes sense to you. Just tell your leaders that better battle plans are available. Maybe they'll learn something about Poker.


nathanww said...

I would personally LOVE to see a big unbiased study comparing vaccinated versus unvaccinated children. This would either dispel the vaccine thing once and for all, or confirm it which would lead to some other very interesting research

That said, I think you're over-emphasizing the role that corperations play in science. Do you think that big corporations wanted people to know about:
Global warming
The effects of CFC on the ozone layer
The health problems with lead in paint and gasoline
Allergens in genetically modified foods
Carcinogenic food additives
E.Coli outbreaks in spinach
...or 5000000 other things that could seriously discourage people from buying their products?

Of course they didn't. Some are fighting tooth and nail. But the scientific community largely agrees ., for instance, that humans are causing climate change. Why would vaccines be any different from this?

Foresam said...

You can do all the studies you like, they won't matter. Judge Berger or one of his peers will just throw the evidence out of court. No parents will have the guts to say anything about it. The crime will continue unabated.

Anonymous said...

John, you are right! No question. While Nathan is on the right track and is well intentioned, I think, we all know there will never be an unbiased study of vaccines while there is money to be made. Take the cash out of the equation and the truth will come out.

Children are being poisoned everyday by so called medicine. It has been going on since Jenner did his first experiment on a non consenting victim and it will go on as long as the sheep keep following instead of thinking.

nathanww said...

"I think, we all know there will never be an unbiased study of vaccines while there is money to be made"

I don't see the fundamental difference between vaccines and any of the examples that I made in my first post. The system can work poorly at times, but it isn't that broken

Foresam said...

If the system weren't broken, all thimerosal would have been eliminated in 1999 and our government would have advised us why our kids had brain damage.
Instead, they are lying about it and parents won't fight them.

nathanww said...

"If the system weren't broken, all thimerosal would have been eliminated in 1999 and our government would have advised us why our kids had brain damage."

That does not make any logical sense. An unbroken system would wait for a comprehensive unbiased study showing harmful effects of thimerosal(which has not occurred) BEFORE they took these steps.

Foresam said...

Are you a comedian? If you drink gasoline and die, do I need a study to tell me the gasoline killed you or am I safe to draw that conclusion based on common sense?
Take your inane arguments to inane people.

Anonymous said...

John-I have been reading your blog for about 2 months now (i'm the anon that has to print your blog out for my mom) and there is one thing that I have to ask....Why do all these people who disagree with you "waste their time" arguing with you? why don't they just "not read your blog?" Guess they have no life....I'm gonna start posting on your blog if you don't mind!!

Foresam said...

Most of the people who argue with me are crazy people who diagnosed themselves with Asperger's as an excuse for being weird. I delete most of their comments. I publish some of them to allow then to show off their stupidity.
You could search the blog for "Phil Gluyas" to see the dumbest one, he's quite comical.

Anonymous said...

"That does not make any logical sense. An unbroken system would wait for a comprehensive unbiased study showing harmful effects of thimerosal(which has not occurred) BEFORE they took these steps." Nathan.

Are you nuts?

When did anyone ever think that injecting heavy metals and viruses into children was a good idea?

Your argument is 'force toxins into children and then study the effects to find out if it is a bad idea and only when it is proven should we stop.'

Nathan, go and eat some poison, then we will have a study to find out if it is bad for you. Only then will you be allowed to stop eating it.

By then you should be crazier than you are now. I'll have the straightjacket and the zapper ready and waiting. We'll get you a match set with Phil and call you the crazy twins.

Anonymous said...

I came across this pathetic blog. She nicknames her kids with stupid names on her blog. She has a severly autistic son and is very clueless.

the adventures of leelo and his potty-mouthed mom.

Mali had her first vaccination yesterday (DTaP). She is three years old. I've been meaning to start her vaccinations for over a year. She hasn't had an injection since she was a wee infant, and was more surprised than upset -- until she got the magic Mickey Mouse bandaid over the injection site. They she was back to grins and deviltry.

There are many reasons why she got stuck: She's had a clean bill of developmental health from the MIND Institute, Thimerosal isn't in vaccines any more, I no longer worry about Thimerosal in vaccines causing autism, and I keep meeting people who have vaccine-preventable illnesses like Whooping Cough that should only exist in pre-WWII children's books like Ballet Shoes.

Also, I am simply no longer hooked on The Cause of Leelo's Autism. Not at the moment. I think his autism is most likely genetics (hello, quirky men on both sides of Leelo's family) plus possibly an environmentally-triggered genetic abnormality or mutation. But I no longer dwell on Why Why Why, because it's a waste of both my and Leelo's time. Instead, we focus on helping Leelo gain skills and independence, and on giving him lots of love for who he is, rather than despite his autism.

Do I want to know why Leelo is autistic? Yes. But only because I want my children to have as much information as possible, should they breed.

And if there was a cure? Yes, I would sign Leelo up. But only because I think he craves better communication skills and social facility.

In the mean time, Mali will have one vaccination each month (no multi-dose visits) for about a year; then she'll be caught up, and we'll all be part of the herd.

Technorati Tags: autism, autism acceptance, autism blog, autistic, immunization, vaccination

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The Informer said...

Are you OK, John? This is the quietest I've ever seen this blog.

Foresam said...

I've had about enough of trying to educate stupid parents who have no clue how to win this battle and refuse to listen to those of us who do know. I can't convince them that taking action is more useful than yakking amongst themselves. Screw them.

Anonymous said...

Please don't forget about those of us that you educate who are helping our children. You certainly caught me up on things (politically, online, etc.)


Foresam said...

It's pretty simple for those of us who lived through Civil Rights and Viet Nam to remember how angry people forced our government to do the right thing. People who are too young to have learned from that just don't get it.
Little things add up. For instance, do you know why most business reply envelopes and postcards are not pre-stamped anymore? It's because, during Viet Nam, one form of protest was to affix stickers to those magazine inserts asking big business to take a stand against stopping the war. It cost them a fortune in postage while gaining them no sales. So, that's one "weapon" that was available to the public that is not there now.

Any form of protest is useful as long as it is in public. Lenny Schafer does not understand this and the people who listen to him will never understand it.

Elizabeth said...

John, perhaps you are being too forceful and you're scaring your allies away? Yes, I understand that you feel you have the right to be angry and after all you are trying to do your best for your son. But even if you are right - and I'm not saying you are or you aren't - no one will listen to someone who comes over as (forgive me) an angry little boy. Even if the anger is justified, it's like a temper tantrum.

Maybe you should go back to the grass roots, collect the allies you still have and get together and plan an attack more appropriate to your current method. Screaming from the top of the building on your own will never work. Speaking assertively as a group - particularly a large group - is far more effective.

Just trying to help.

Foresam said...

Parents who had their babies poisoned think they have to be politically correct. That's why the government has beaten us.

Anonymous said...

Check out the above link for a tv show. I got it off CNN today.

Iwokeup said...

You sounded the alarm in my head when I started searching the internet for info on autism when my son regressed after his 15 month shots. I quickly categorized autism diva and her ilk as dangerous kooks after reading your posts. I found generation rescues site and linked out from there. To make a long story shorter-you are responsible for saving my son from more vaccination damage and starting us down the path of recovery. Because our boy was only 2 when I started aggressive chelating and biomed support treatments he is drastically improved and we have great hope this will continue.
I "get it" because of you.
I have influenced others to wake the fuck up because of you.
My son is coming back to us because of your efforts.
I am indebted to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.
If you reached me then you have reached others and we in turn reach still more. We simply can't beat the combined evil of our moron government and the pharmaceutical giants at their game. We can however keep speaking out at every opportunity and continue the grass roots movement so don't give up. I think it's actually pretty big now. You are of course correct that most people would jump off a cliff if the god in a white coat or the all knowing government told them to-they don't exist to me-they are the cannon fodder and can't be helped. You appeal to a different kind of person. It's the out spoken individual that can sway this battle. It just seems no ones really listening, in each crowd there are a few that quietly go off to check out what they heard about this "vaccine stuff"
Please keep up the good work exposing the enemies of humanity and again a personal thanks from my family.

Foresam said...

You're welcome. Glad I was useful.
With this judge, I tried to start a very simple thing that could have blossomed into something worthwhile. If people don't understand how important it is to protest this nonsense in public, they have no chance of winning and stopping the poisoning of babies worldwide. Pathetic leadership throughout the autism community to let this pass.

Anonymous said...

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