Wednesday, January 30, 2008

State of New Hampshire Lies to Citizens

"The house Health and Human Services committee voted to kill HB 1316, establishing a committee to study the use of mercury in childhood vaccines. The state epidemiologist told the committee that no vaccines for children in NH contain mercury. The vote was 17-0."

This is a blatant lie. The flu shot does contain mercury. This tells us that 17 legislators have not done their homework and do not care if more of our children are poisoned into autism and other neurological disorders that are caused by mercury.

Pregnant women are advised to have the flu shot. Injecting mercury into them means that mercury is going to wind up in the fetus. I have asked people who give the flu shot if they had the variety that does not contain mercury and the response is always the same...I don't know. It seems those responsible for the health of citizens of NH don't know, don't care and don't want to know since they will not take the time to study this and the effect it has already had on our children.

This epidemiologist furthered his blatant lie since lots of vaccines are still "processed" with thimerosal and nobody can give us an accurate count of exactly how much mercury is in each shot. The fact remains that there is still some mercury in vaccines and to publicly state that there is none is what I consider medical malpractice.

The largest rise in autism happened in conjunction with the HepB vaccine being given to infants as soon as they were born. Prior to that, New Hampshire did not have even one case of autism among school age children. The reason the HepB shot was so effective at causing autism is because newborn infants do not have a Blood Brain Barrier that helps prevent some of that mercury from getting to the brain. Injecting pregnant women can have a more disastrous effect in causing more autism since the fetus can be much smaller than a newborn infant and have their brain destroyed before they are born by the mercury that was injected into the mother.

Our public officials do not have a clue what is going on with mercury in vaccines, will not admit the truth if they actually know it and should be called to answer for this idiocy by every parent in the state. We do not need more babies poisoned because incompetent and ignorant jackasses decide to avoid looking into important issues like thimerosal.


Anonymous said...

The NH legislators when E-mailed prior to voting on a bill do not even have the common courtesy to turn on thier auto reponse. Now you want them to look for facts! They are lying to parents. The vaccines do still contain mercury.Lets remember these issues when it is time to vote them out. We can campain against them.

Foresam said...

It seems Judd Gregg has passed down his protection scheme for Pharma to the lower ranking elected dirtbags.