Monday, December 17, 2012

Message to Psycho Killers with Asperger's Syndrome

I understand what Asperger's can do to people.  I have one son with severe autism and another son with Asperger's.  I also have years of experience at trying to talk sense to young people with Asperger's.

I have tried to help these victims understand how they have been brainwashed into believing that Asperger's is something to take pride in rather than seeing that they had their brains mangled by mercury in vaccines.  I have offered to help them cure themselves by teaching them how to remove the mercury from their brains.  Sadly, I think I have only been able to reach a few of them who I know did seek help.

The propaganda from our own government who causes the Asperger's by allowing the mercury to remain in vaccines is intense.  Obama appointed a psychopathic liar named Ari Ne'eman to national positions where he  helps set policy regarding autism.  Young Mr Ne'eman, who calls himself autistic in spite of the fact that he is only diagnosed with Asperger's campaigns vigorously and dishonestly to discourage people from curing any form of autism.  Mr Ne'eman thus helps our corrupt government to encourage deranged psycho killers who murder babies to remain mentally ill instead of seeking the cures that have been available since 2000.

The largest increase in these brain damaged kids happened among those born in 1991 when the HepB vaccine was initiated on the day of birth.  They turned 21 this year.  Millions more are quickly coming of age and I fully expect more crazed acts of violence from them.  These kids are largely friendless, will probably never have consensual sex unless they pay a hooker and consider themselves rejects from society.  Their lives are miserable.  Sometimes they snap.

I can't say I can understand why they would decide to shoot little children but I do understand their anger and frustration at their mental conditions.  Most don't know that it's possible to cure their condition because that information is suppressed by our government and the liars like Ari Ne'eman who they hire to promote a bunch of untrue nonsense about autism and Asperger's.  These Aspies, as many of them call themselves, have been misled to believe that their social ineptitude is genetic.  They have been taught through bogus IQ tests that they are more intelligent than the rest of us and they believe it.  They think that remaining brain damaged is a good idea since they don't even know that they were poisoned by mercury which eats their brain cells and lowers their IQs.

I don't suppose I will be successful now at convincing any Aspies to try chelation to remove the mercury from their brains and try to better their lives.  Maybe I can reason with them though in case a future psycho killer reads this.

If you're an Aspie who is considering mass murder to take your frustrations out on the world, please don't hurt any innocent children.  Be aware that your brain damage was caused by doctors who shot mercury into you, politicians who refused to stop the poisoning due to bribes from the Pharmaceutical Industry and liars like Ari Ne'eman and his band of associated psychopaths from Neurodiversity  and the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) who discouraged people from curing you.  These are your enemies.  These are the people who destroyed your lives.  Please leave the little children and other innocent people alone.  And, if you want to try to improve your lives instead of going nuts and suiciding yourself, ask me how to cure Asperger's.  I'll be happy to help you.


Socrates said...

What Cho goin' on about, dude? We're harmless.

Foresam said...

Ari Ne'eman is not harmless.

Anonymous said...

A bit off topic but a blog mom (of the blog Rhema's Hope-Autism in a word) has come across Amanda Baggs and is so impressed and hopeful for her own daughter based on the scam of the video that has been around for years (she's just now seeing this con artist??)Sadly this scam is similar to parents falling for the Asperger's adults who claim it is the most wonderful and unique diagnosis. It's unfortunate people like Baggs and the nuts from the ND movement fool gullible parents.

Foresam said...

They fooled lots of people. Today, most people are afraid to tell the mentally ill to shut up because some other mentally ill moron will accuse them of hate speech. The government prefers to allow retards to run things now which is obvious by everything that's being done by Congress and our puppet president. Sane people are screwed.

Steven said...

aspie pride!

as a kid who has aspergers, i know that we are not killers we are smart good people.
a few examples of people that have or is thought to have Aspergers:
Albert Einstein
Amadeus Mozart
Sir Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Thomas Jefferson(maybe)
Hans Christian Andersen

Foresam said...

Steven, None of those people had Asperger's. Asperger's is caused by mercury killing brain cells. Nevertheless, you should take pride in who you are and strive to overcome your limitations.

steven said...

aspie pride!

bill gates has Asperger's
tesla had Asperger's

name one pyscho killer that has asperger's(Adam Lanza has been proven that he did not have Asperger's)

Foresam said...

Sorry Steven, wrong again. They don't have Asperger's either. Lanza was an aspie as was Auvinen, Dahmer, Cho and the kids from Columbine. The Boston Strangler and Charles Manson were probably aspies too.

Anonymous said...

Foresam, you're such a god f**king douchebag old man who REALLY must go back to school. You have all wrong. You're a loser. You should be in f**king jail. You should die with a massive heart attack. You brainwashed the others, but not me! Go brainwash yourself, you American Sam Hitler!

Roger Kulp said...

"Sam Hitler"???

You mean like this?

Or maybe this?

I really missed your blog,seeing you go back and forth with these neuronitwits is a barrel of laughs.Everybody else is too nice to them.

pmfmccarth said...

If you can cure Asperger's with chelation (as you say in this post) then why (in the first paragraph) do you say that one of your sons has Asperger's? Why haven't you cured him?

Dror said...

1. You say autism is a brain damage, but the recent research (using MRI) shows it's just a different wiring of the brain and different sizes of the brain areas.
2.There are much less autistic killers then nuerotypical killers. In fact, the myth that the teenage mass shooters was autistic was based only on guesses, not any real documents, But the media doesn't try to disporve it.
3. Most of the people with asperger (I am one of them) are good, moral people that won't kill anyone (unless society Pushes us to the edge of the cliff).
4. In fact, autistic life can be good without the social press to normalization and with real inclusion. I know parents that used the neurodiversity ideas to help their sons and it succeeds many times.
5. I met once Ari and he is an awesome man.

Foresam said...

If you have Asperger's, you're not autistic. Learn the difference.
Ne'eman is an Israeli propaganda agent, highly trained to promote dishonesty regarding autism. He's a corrupt piece of shit.

FROG said...

Anonymous pmfmccarth said...
If you can cure Asperger's with chelation (as you say in this post) then why (in the first paragraph) do you say that one of your sons has Asperger's? Why haven't you cured him?

And there's the million dollar question.

Answer the question, John. We're all dying to hear what you have to say.

Foresam said...

Since "Frog" is not a real name, I'm not going to answer you. Give me your true name and I'll give you an honest answer.