Thursday, January 10, 2013

Start the Revolution

This is a page to plan and carry out action against our corrupt government.  The way to beat them is the same way they beat us, by influencing public opinion.  That's what they're doing right now with the gun control debate that's all over TV and the internet.  They are drilling it into our brains so that we will agree to some changes.  The changes will somehow serve the bankers, whatever their plan is.  It doesn't matter what they do since all of it takes the focus off of the fact that we are being robbed by those bankers and  we are not organized to fight back.

We don't have TV to inform the public how to fight.  We have to organize people to spread the word that we can defeat the bankers and take our country back from them.  We have to teach the public how they are being robbed so they will have a reason to become angry enough to fight back.  We have to show the public that they have the power to destroy the bankers and break free of their control of all of us.

I have suggested elsewhere that we need signs everyplace that say simply "NO MORE BANKERS" as a unifying slogan.  As more of these signs are displayed on cars, front lawns and street facing windows, public opinion will grow.  The masses will come to understand the problem and they will demand that the solution be implemented.

I'm going to write a one page paper to hand out to the public explaining the problem and solution.  It has to be written as simply as possible so everyone understands it instantly, not a simple ask but I'll get it done.

 We need numbers and lots of help.  We need all of the people who want to "End the Fed" to join in and support real action instead of complaining to the powers that be with demonstrations and protests  that aren't covered in the corrupt media.  We have to "hit the streets" and start this revolution in person, spread it one by one throughout the country until it becomes an unstoppable force.  If a few people decide to start the fight, the rest will join.

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