Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Ari Ne'eman's Latest Attack on Autistic Children

Here's the link to the whole lie by Ari Ne'eman's ASAN.   The following statement is such an obscene and malicious attack against autistic children that it should be used to gag Ari Ne'eman from ever using the word "autism" for the rest if his life.  It should be used to prevent him from ever speaking about autism in any capacity in Washington DC.  "Autistic people do not “recover” and the idea of “recovery” has been profoundly damaging to the Autistic community, encouraging service providers to emphasize normalcy above other more meaningful goals. Furthermore, by teaching Autistic children and adults that “recovery” – pretending to be something we are not – is the “optimal outcome” they can achieve, we send a profoundly damaging message to Autistic people, our families, and the public at large. Autism is a natural part of the human condition and not something to recover from or eliminate. The goal of autism research and service provision should be to create happy Autistic people, not to encourage ‘passing for non-Autistic’ without regard to the impact on our quality of life.


Unknown said...

well you probably won't allow this comment. both my parents are aspergers. so is my only sibling. they are beautiful people. life was hard with such an up-bringing but i'm a happy person and i wouldn't choose another family if i could. i find your stance troubling. i don't know why you attack autistic people to this degree but it is hurtful to them and those around them. i think you must be very hurt too and are struggling in your own way. good luck with your journey. bless.

John Best said...

When you learn the difference between autism and asperger's, you will be able to comment intelligently, maybe. I don't attack any autistic people. I only oppose the lying pieces of shit with asperger's who insist on calling themselves autistic to intentionally obfuscate the meaning of the word "autism".

Roger Kulp said...

Not according to the APA.They have said autism is Asperger's.All you other poor f**ckers have something else.Which suits me fine.I now have a diagnosis besides autism,and after 3 1/2 years on leucovorin,about the norm,my autism is completely gone,so long as I stay on my meds.

Yes,I did test positive for both autoantibodies.All thanks to research ASAN would not have approved of.What do they know,they're mostly self-diagnosed anyway.

Oh well,now it's off to California tomorrow to see Dr.Rossignol,to see what we can d about all the rest of the autoimmune garbage I have.
I missed your blogging about autism,I didn't know you

John Best said...

Hi Roger, I don't blog about autism much now since I figured out that we have to destroy the bankers to end the poisoning of babies into autism. Glad to hear your treatments worked for you!

......I'm Anonymous said...

Aspergers isn't autism, no matter what they tell you.

-Kent Adams, diagnosed with AS with a child with Autism and formerly brainwashed ND'er and confidant of Ari Ne'eman whom came to my senses about 4 years ago.