Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Cure and Prevent Autism

Freedom does not mean paying bankers interest on everything you need to survive. We have not been free ever since the bankers took over our government 100 years ago. If you want this to stop so you can truly be free, all you have to do is say so and ask your friends to say so. It's just that simple and it's called Public Opinion.

We do not have Public Opinion in the USA now since the TV networks control everything that the public sees. They never tell the truth about anything that matters and they present us with phony choices that are all bad ideas. They do not present any good ideas for us to choose between. The only choices they present to us are merely different ways to steal money from us and give it to the bankers.

If you don't know that all of our politicians are bribed by bankers and corporations, I want you to just accept that as a fact. It's true and easily proven. The only questionable part is the definition of the word "bribe". The corrupt politicians have convinced most of us that campaign contributions from Goldman Sachs and Merck are somehow legitimate. They even made ridiculous laws that say they are legal. They aren't. They violated the Constitution to make bribery legal so they could sell us all out and do whatever the bankers and corporations want them to do.

We don't have to take this crap from these bribed liars. We don't have the power of TV to fight them but we do have something much better. We have cars on which we can place bumper stickers and we have front lawns and windows where we can put signs that say "NO MORE BANKERS". These signs will let us tell each other that we are united against the bankers. As more people see the value of using our voices in this way, more people will ask questions and understand the problem and how to defeat the bankers.

All of the interest that the bankers are charging us is illegal. It violates the Constitution, article 1, section 8. All that says is that only Congress can issue money. (The word "only" isn't there but it is implied.) This means that the Federal Reserve can not exist to charge us interest on our own money. It exists because all of our politicians are corrupt and they have all been bribed to allow the Fed to continue to exist. If any of them were honest, they would be screaming like crazy about this criminal enterprise that robs all of us. The fact that none of them are doing this is all the proof we need that they are all corrupt. 

So, we have to organize every citizen to tell our corrupt politicians that we aren't going to take it any more. All you have to do is put up those "NO MORE BANKER" signs, tell your friends and soon, we will have enough enlightened citizens, including police and military who will enforce the Constitution, arrest everyone in Congress, the White House and the banks, declare all loans void and free all of us from this institutionalized robbery.

We could stop there, have newly elected Congress people issue money per the Constitution with no interest or we can take the next logical step and free ourselves from the evil that money causes forever. Then, we won't have to fight with corporations about wages and worry about bankers infesting Congress again to commit the same crime against us again. We can operate our planet for the good of ourselves without any money and take the bankers out of the equation for good. Imagine life where we provide for each other by working a lot less since we will eliminate everything to do with money and all of the wasted work hours that are used to deal with money.

When everyone brings their friends, we will win and the bankers will be gone. Simple.

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